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Quoting AlunH:
Alternatively, you could also simply change the title in the SORT TITLE field (for instance, I have Raiders of the Lost Ark as Indiana Jones 1, Temple of Doom as Indiana Jones 2, etc).  This way they all appear in the order I want under Indiana Jones.  This is particularly helpful when dealing with, say, Bond films.

This works but... only if your profile list is sorted by title or, by whatever sorting order you prefer, those profiles are listed next to each other in that other sorting sequence. For instance, I keep my list sorted by purchase date and the SORT TITLE only works when the releases were bought the same date.
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Create a manual profile (CTRL-INS) with an appropriate title ("my resident evils"  ), select "By Title" then uncheck "Download profile from Invelos" and uncheck "Prompt for personalisation".
Next edit this new profile and add the titles as if it is a boxset.

--Google translate says:
Créez un profil manuel (CTRL-INS) avec un titre approprié ("mes resident evils" ), sélectionnez "By Title" puis décochez "Download profile from Invelos" et décochez "Prompt for personalization".
Ensuite, éditez ce nouveau profil et ajoutez les titres comme s'il s'agissait d'un ensemble de cases (=coffret?).
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Open the Edit box (CTRL E).
Within the Genres area the button/icon with the masks allows you to create your custom genre.

-- Google translate:
Ouvrez la zone d'édition (CTRL E).
Dans la zone Genres, le bouton / icône avec les masques vous permet de créer votre genre personnalisé.
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First, have you checked whether the location info could work for you?
You can enter the such location data via the personal info box (CTRL-P on a profile) and show it in your collection overview (in the collection header right-click on title, choose View columns and check the location field).

In old DVDprofiler versions there was a CSV output, but nowadays it's only .xml export -- a format only a programmer will love.

There are at least two tricks to work around it. Both use plugins.

One is to use the export to Access database plugin. Then use Microsoft Access to further edit it down to your needs. But it requires you to have Acces or Excel (if only Excel, use the MSQRY32.exe tool to open the access file -- few people know you can do a LOT of Access database work with this tool and not using Access itself  ).

Second (and to my taste easier) is to load the Database Query plugin from Mark Harrison. Install it and load the data (without cast/crew info).
Select "Other" (the last item on the left side), then select Field=ProfileID and Query='List by profile ID'. run it then all profiles are listed with only Title, Production year, Media type ans ProfileID (=EAN=UPC). Select the whole list (click the first profile, then goto the last and shift-click it) and copy (the lefmost small icon below the title bar). The list is now on the clipboard. Open your favourite spreadsheet program (like Excel or LibreOffice) and paste.
This should provide you with the list you wanted with minimal extra fields. You may want to format the profileID column as text.
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Please explain what this has to do with DVDprofiler (this is not the place to spam about Dropbox...).
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As most owners of "Paddington 2" are awaiting the work of somebody doing the hard labour on documenting the cast and crew of this movie in a profile, be warned.

I found two profiles with a cast and crew list being just a lazy copy of the cast and crew from the first Paddington movie. Thankfully their contributors were honest enough to refer to the originating profile, which in both cases is a Paddington profile -- i.e. the original not the sequel.  So I'll not name-shame them here.

Even though quite a number of the first movie cast returns in the sequal, this is bad. Even when copying from an existing profile, one is supposed to check!
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Found it ! Thanks to you all.

Well hidden by the way. One would expect this as an option in the "Edit Skin" menu. And it's awkward that it is saved as a .dpl file, while various buttons (in Edit Skin as well as the immediate Collection Hint Option window) suggest it could be loaded from the Reports folder as a .dpr file.
Seems there is still room for improvement in version 4.1.
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With the (under menu "Collection") "Collection Hint Options... " one can edit the pop-up window (=hints...) on items in the Collection List to one's delight. So I did. I now want to transfer my design to another DVDp install, on my other PC.

Problem is: whereas there are lots of options to load a report for this hints option, there seem to be no options to save it to some explicit filename somewhere. Perusing the underlying DVDp files I also do not see the saved version in some guise.

Anyone knows where to find/retrieve this hidden lay-out design -- or which procedure to follow?

Many thanks in advance !
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Quoting AiAustria:
Partly disagree on:
- moving the Own Files/Pictures folders to the hard drive (especially with photo browsing this is annoying...)

This highly depends on the size of those folders. The intended SSD "only" has 256 GB, of which a quarter to half is easily used for windows 10, restore points and the necessary free space for W10 updates/upgrades. Then there is the size of all installed programs (Program files, AppData, ProgramData) and programs like Thunderbird and Outlook store their files also on C:. Mailboxes can grow very large... And Kahless wrote he's into very big files.
Also for privacy: depending on the problem with a PC, if on the SSD you won't have your private data files to yourself if the PC needs to be returned for repairs.

Quoting kahless:
I'm a little bit concerned about 8GB RAM as I managed it to "kill" my current 16GB when copying bigger files from/to HDD or memory cards...

Using Task Manager you can see how much memory an application takes. Disk cache is "invisible" in W10, so what application are you using for file transfer? I do not see problems with File Manager.
Besides, disk throughput (solid state or otherwise) is always the bottleneck. Even on a USB3 solid state stick a lot of time is "lost" due to updating the disk directory after each file transfer. Easily seen if you copy a lot of small files in one go.

Using manual virtual machines can be a good reason to have more memory and CPU-power. But how much may 'fun' cost more?
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Quoting widescreenforever:
ps  I never got sick  and all the foods  over all  was good to fine to terrible.. But no excellant/ good ..

Your original worry was about food and water safety. Food taste is a very different thingy 
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No gaming and (presumably) no video editing: then anything with a CPU running over 3 GHz and more memory than 8 GB is definitely unnecessarily powerful. Even if you run highly inefficient software like Microsoft Office and likewise behemoths.
Similarly you shouldn't need a separate graphics card if there is on-board motherboard graphics. If your keyboard and mouse are still going strong you shouldn't need to buy something "included" with a new PC.
On the SSD: check for those with a "M.2" interface rather than SATA. They're supposedly faster (do not have one myself though), but OTOH more expensive.

Make sure you can easily remove (and reinstall) the hard disk. Preferably be able to install another hard drive, so if possible make sure there is a spare power supply cable and a SATA cable included. You don't want to hand out your private data files if your PC needs to return for repairs.

That leaves a lot more options. Whatever you save here could be spent on a better (larger? UHD?) display. Just suggesting.

On reliability: one always runs the risk of a "Monday-morning produced" set. So go for a brand that is known to be reliable AND with a good and serious guarantee policy with both your retailer and the brand. Take a retailer with an in-house tech department -- you wouldn't want your PC gone for weeks because it's sent to the manufacturer.
I would prefer Windows 10 Professional over the Home version, because of the options. Even though it costs more.

On a final note once you have the PC
As with every windows version to date (and I have used it since 3.0 ...) there are some weird defaults to alter. Be sure to relocate your swap file to the hard disk, so it is not on the SSD. Similarly, the 'Documents', 'Downloads', 'Music', 'Video' and 'Pictures' are by default on the same drive as Windows, in other words the SSD. Relocate them to the hard disk (right-click on "Documents" (and so on), select Properties and then Location, then Move....
A good brand/retailer may have switched this already for you, but be sure to check.
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The naming issue rears its head again... Let me react to the original question from 69samael69. There are obviously a number of causes for the number of of new titles to drop. One, there is the decline of the disk popularity, be that BR or DVD, reflected in less active users busy with DVDp. That is an outside cause for less contributions.

A thing to acknowledge is that there are a number of data fields that cannot be researched without the appropriate tools (I do not mean copying from other sources on the internet, that is illegal). You can't figure out a disk-ID unless you have a DVD player in your PC. Or a BluRay player. Did anyone notice many laptops are now commonly sold without such a player? Tablets and smartphones do not have that either. These 3 categories are the preferred personal computing devices these days. You can't contribute good scans without owning a proper scanner. Basically, same issue.

Other inside causes are the clashing interests in what is the 'best' profile. And there we go again    .

Minutely copying the credits from on-screen is a PITA exercise so we should thank those who do that. As 'credited as' can solve many things, what constitutes the 'right' naming? I wholeheartedly support Surfeur51 approach (spell the name according the rules of the home language of that actor/crew member), but that has its issues too. As pointed out throughout the years this immediately presents a problem with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Russian, Georgian, etc, etc actors and crew members. There are more alphabets than [a..z]  .
Users of DVDp are Latin alphabet users and (usually) there are several ways to do the alphabet transition. Which is one problem. AFAIK DVDp is not fully Unicode compatible which is another. The current rules (as I perceive it) are biased towards the English community because English has no (or extremely few) words with accented characters. But for a REAL discussion on specifically this I suggest reviving one of the older discussions on this issue rather than morphing this thread into one.

So, 69samael69, your request for the basic data should really be the bare minimum. So far, just UPC/EAN + publishing_country ('locality' in DVDp lingo) serves as unique database key/ID while the publishing title is the obvious other part. But beyond that? Though it is frustrating to see a profile that has just about only that...

Ken has stated to be working on release 4.0.1 and the release of 4.0.0. was based on the necessity for cross platform compatibility. Hope he does resolve the many bugs very soon. Possibly he will then be able to focus his attention on raising the contribution rate    .

P.S. Thank you rdodolak for pointing out that such stores list the number of installs. Sad it is low for the Android, but it cannot list the people who subsequently abandoned it. On the positive side, it looks like it's at least a year's income -- ignoring the cost of running this site...
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Hard to tell. Some years ago Invelos claimed DVDp had millions of users, but the site doesn't provide actuals. With only a one-time fee it is harder to tell if someone abandons the product.
The only way to find out by Invelos is to monitor how many different users regularly update their database with the "Refresh Updates Profiles" option. But a diminishing user count is not something any company likes to advertise... The one thing I do see the people on the fora are by and large the same (fairly small) group of people throughout the years.

Can't tell for Canada but for UK profiles --as I do import a lot from the UK-- the volume of fast available profiles just after release dropped sharply after one or two very regular contributors were diverting their attention to other hobbies. And it hasn't been supplanted by others AFAIK.

Which means that the on-line database content depends a lot more on just a few contributors than you might imagine.
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