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Quoting Johann Steiner:
was mich auch so interessiet
wie viele DVD und Blu Ray in einem Besitz ist wirklich viel?

Normale Leute: >1000

DVD Profiler Benutzer: >5000
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Quoting Mark Harrison:
I was quite happy with Parallels.  But this year they switched to a subscription model.

Yikes! I know I won't be using that again in the future then... Although, I came around to this idea with things like AutoCAD (for the colleagues in my office) or Office...

Anyway, VirtualBox works just as fine, really. Not sure right now how easy to would be setting it up with a BootCamp partition, but beyond that I rarely have issues. They regularly release updates to keep up with development of macOS. I have linked it in the past, but here I go again:
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Your online database is / will be at

But to upload it you would have to use DVD Profiler for PC. If you already have some profiles in your phone app, I am not sure myself how you would transfer those to the PC app.

However, scanning should still work without Pic2Shop. Have you made sure to turn "Use Pic2Shop scanner" off in the Settings? After that DVD Profiler should just use the internal camera for scanning barcodes.
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Quoting Mark Harrison:
Just for the record, I recently switched from Parallels to VMWare Fusion.  Profiler still works great.

I switch to VirtualBox quite some time ago and it works just as great. Advantage of VirtualBox: it's free (so you only need to prepare that Windows license).

I have run bth Parallels and VMWare Fusion in the past and was satisfied with both. But seeing that I only need Windows for DVD Profiler and Microsoft Project I ended up switching to the free solution.
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Quoting DJ Doena:
The Lego Movie
The LEGO Batman Movie

Which one is it?

They are different movies...

But seriously... The two profiles I have (not locally modified) right now actually show
The Lego Batman Movie (UK profile)
The LEGO Movie (US profile)
the reverse of what you found.

The overviews on the back follow the rules that GreyHulk referred to, always capitalizing Lego, always with the trailing ® as well (which technically is used on the front cover as well, impressively small).
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In the Version 4.0 Bugs thread on page 4 (beta forum) it was discussed that DVD Profiler is indeed not ready for iPhone X.

That said, I'll second that request.
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I would say Yes. 3-4 songs within 90 min is "something" and it's apparently used to further the narrative.

But if someone were to argue the "3-4 songs are not enough", I'd have a hard time to convince them otherwise, but then it is all a bit subjective...

Spoiler:  (Select to view)
What's the movie...?
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Quoting Addicted2DVD:
The way I always thought was...

Music: Concert discs and such
Musicals: Films with lots of singing and dancing... a lot of times coming out of no where.

I basically agree with those definitions, although other opinions are probably available and the lines are occasionally blurred.

I think one factor for a Musical is, that he songs are plot related, almost replacing dialog for 5 minutes. So, things like Blues Brothers are not Musical (although Music could be argued here) and neither is Dirty Dancing (to my knowledge, I have never seen it).

So, if it was me, I would classify as follows:

Dirty Dancing neither
Moulin Rouge! Musical
Walk the Line maybe Music, nit Musical
The Blues Brothers not Musical, but maybe Music
Blues Brothers 2000 not Musical, but maybe Music
Ray Music
The Blues Brothers Double Feature not Musical, but maybe Music
American Dreamz don't know about this one
A Mighty Wind don't know about this one
Footloose neither
The Wedding Singer neither (just a guy singing at weddings doesn't make a Musical)
Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit: don't know about this one
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What strikes my eye too, is the sample temperature on the thermometer. 22.8ºF...? That seems rather cold to me.
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I had a similar situation myself not too long ago. I was taking a video of fireworks I saw and after a short while I realized I was watching them on teh screen o my phone (to keep them in frame) and not the actual firework! I quickly stopped filming (I had enough footage) and reverted to watching it live.

Taking a video has its advantages though, as we can relive that moment on our TV (ideally) at home and don't have to rely on our brain to provide good replay footage.

BTW, the image of the kids could be showing the kids using the museums app to look at more information about the painting behind them... We can't be sure.
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Quoting Jimmy S:
Unless you talk about something completly different this is part of DVDP since a long time. I don't trust the new version and I can do that.

4.0 has added a few bells and whistles to the update system, which extend on what was previously already there. I believe being able to ignore just certain birth years of parsing changes (or even applying an updated name parsing to all profiles...?) is among those updates. Nothing essential, since we have coped with what was there for many years, but nice-to-have.

4.0 is running fine. It's been officially released and while there are a few bugs, I don't think you need to be afraid of it. Of course, a 4.0.1 might be released at some point in the near future, squashing those bugs, you might as well hold out until then,
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I think it is handled as a Box Set, as both versions are treated equally here. The cover even states that it is a 2 Movie Collection.
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I had Pic2Shop installed quite a long time ago but not anymore (...and never on my current phone).

I am not sure you are saying you cannot access the program at all or such thing, but you can turn off Pic2Shop in the Settings (it has its own section "Barcode Scanner") and after turning it off the program will simply use the scanning functions of the internal camera. Scanning with the internal camera works quite well on "newer" devices.
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I remember there was two or three titles that I waited to go down in price, only to find out too late that they were limited and then they were already sold out. But I prefer to forget about these, so I don't feel regret time and again...

One title that comes to mind is Fright Night, when Twilight Time released it, but luckily they did a second printing later on.
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Thank you! (I had asked the same question in the beta forum, but want to reply here, where it is more public.)

So, I tried Ctrl+Shift+Num and it did place a small number in the appropriate corner of the thumbnail of the currently selected profile; so up to 10 profiles can be bookmarked at the same time. Having a menu entry or a toolbar button for this would have been nice... The bookmarking is not maintained between sessions.

Not sure how I would use it, but it seems it could be helpful to compare/audit two profiles which are not directly "next to each other" in the profile list(?).
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In the Personalize window there is a counter called "Count As". You ca use this to count how many movies contained in the particular profile. So, if you don't use child profiles, you could count the Batman Trilogy profile as "3". Or, if you do use child profiles, you would set each child profile to "1" and the parent to "0", so that the total comes out as 3 either way.
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You’ve probably seen it, the update is out.
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You should state your device and iOS version, to help Ken.

I am running the iOS 11 beta on an iPad Pro and all three Showcase views (3, 4 and 5 columns) look fine.
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In the beta announcement for 4.0.0 it was mentioned that iOS and Android apps will be updated as well.
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Expanding on the above: go beyond movies. I think tweaking the profiles for other products might be easy enough so "shoehorn" them in a little. Video games would be the closest I can think of, CDs is of course and often-made request.

Maybe using the online database could become subscription based; at least for those (like me) mostly leeching. Contributor's could. Depending the needs, subscription could be as low as $1/year maybe, something that anyone could afford...

Heck, if this is becoming more of a hobby to Invelos, why not adding a donation link...
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No. I just had DVD Profiler checking for updates and I only saw the same list of approx. 50 profiles I saw yesterday.
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I thought that is Rohrschach Kitty...
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Thank you!
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Quoting Merrik:
I've changed, or at least added alternate Disc ID's all the time.

Although now, come to think of it, I can't ever remember doing that when the disc ID was the identifier (and not the UPC), so maybe you're correct on that account.

Yes, adding alternates to the Disc-ID section is even encouraged by Ken. They are not actually visible, but are stored internally somewhere.

Still though... The profile can be created and submitted using either Disc ID. Hell, it could be created using both for two separate profiles since each disc would have it's own Disc ID. There's nothing that says it can't. If someone were to create it using the first disc ID (not the corrected one) the profile isn't wrong technically. Like I said before, the Disc ID still exists in the world, some people still own it, nothing wrong with submitting it using that Disc ID even if it can't be changed later on.

Yes, I agree entirely.
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