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In DVD Profiler they are numbered by order they were added to the collection.

On my shelves they are alphabetical, for easy retrieval. I had originally considered to follow the numbered system of DVD Profiler, but then I'd always have too consult DVD Profiler to fins an item.

A few things are kept separate though, such as TV Series, the Pixar movies and The Criterion Collection, the latter sorted by Spine number.
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I can see that green means, that the profile is in the Wish List (or any other part of your database...?). I could not take a guess what yellow means...
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Quoting GSyren:
If the reciepts are stored in a common directory and named with the profile id, couldn't one design a HTML window to show them?

Yes, you could. I do something similar with images of the title screens. This is the code I use for that:


<script type="text/javascript">
<DP NAME="HEADER_VARS" Language="JavaScript" Comments="False" IncludeCast="False" IncludeCrew="False">

function resizeImage()
var window_height = document.body.clientHeight
var window_width  = document.body.clientWidth
var image_width  = document.images[0].width
var image_height  = document.images[0].height
var height_ratio  = image_height / window_height
var width_ratio  = image_width / window_width
if (height_ratio > width_ratio)
document.images[0].style.width  = "auto"
document.images[0].style.height = "100%"
document.images[0].style.width  = "100%"
document.images[0].style.height = "auto"

function imageNotFound()
document.body.innerHTML = "<DP NAME="TITLE" ShowDesc="No">";


<style type="text/css">

body {
    width: 100%
    height: 100%;
    margin: 0;
    border: 0;
    background-color: rgb(0, 0, 83);
    overflow: hidden;

    text-align: center;
    color: white;
    font-size: 77px;
    font-family: arial black;


<BODY onresize="resizeImage()">

  <script type="text/javascript">
      document.write('<img onload="resizeImage()" margin="0" border="0" src="C:\\Users\\Admin\\Documents\\DVD Profiler\\ScenePhotos\\' + DP_UPC + '\\sc-0.jpg" onerror="imageNotFound()">');


The above code has each title image named sc-0.jpg placed in the related ScenePhotos folder (which is basically the Gallery). It could be modified to use all images in the same folder and their name based on the UPC:

src="C:\\Users\\Admin\\Documents\\DVD Profiler\\Receipts\\' + DP_UPC + '.jpg" onerror="imageNotFound()">');

(haven't tried it, so some tweaking may be necessary)
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Quoting alain60:
Comment inserer une image ( printscreen ) dans mes posts

I don't speak French, but I hope this helps anyway:

The picture itself will have to be on another website that allows for image storage and can then create a link to it for remote viewing. After you have the link, you add the picture to your post using this "code":

(img src="http://link.to.image" /)

Replace the round brackets above with square ones () ---> []
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So the PC program (3.9.x...? Since you haven't installed four yet?) only has 90 titles inside. Then the question is, how did you upload the 213? Using the software on your phone?

Are the 90 titles you added to the PC included of the 213 you previously uploaded online?

Once you answer the above questions, it may be possible to merge the two lists.

P.S.: If you currently have an older version on your PC, then it is fine to install DVD Profiler 4 there. The 90 titles will be kept and as long as you don't start an upload the 213 titles will remain online for now.
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Sorry, removed my comment as it applied to the Windows version, not the iOS app.
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iOS is different to Android (I didn't know...).

When viewing the profile of the entry, tap on the square with the upwards arrow in the bottom left corner. The top entry of the menu that will appear says "Move/Personalize", which is where you can change the price, purchase date, etc.
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Quoting Kathy:
This might be what you are looking for:

Tools > Options > Display > Append title articles (make sure this box is not ticked).

I think this is just a display being, whether the title is shown as

The Movie
Movie, The
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I think that the credit "Suit Construction Supervisors" indicates that they made the suit, but not necessarily designed it. Hence, I think it's not a valid credit.
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I occasionally create a manual profile for something that I hope will get released or for something that has been announced but no date, let alone a UPC, yet. That good thing is, the Tracker function within "Add UPC" will automatically show that release as available once it's entered into the system.
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Good idea. I have found myself in use if this as well.
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Quoting dee1959jay:
What I would probably do with this one is create a main profile for the Italian/German version and a bonus film child profile for the US/English version. I know that's stretching the rules for bonus films a bit, but I do not really see an alternative way to do justice to the strange characteristics of this release.

That's actually better than wha I suggested.
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Quoting AiAustria:
The English version of a film which is released for the German locality is a bonus feature!

Quoting ninso4:
I would choose the Italian version because it's the original film version and it has a German dubbing.
Since it's a German release the version with a German audio tracks is, for me, always the main feature of a German release.


If someone contributes the US cut credits I would think it's a bit unpractical because most buyers of this release will never see this version, but that does not make this contribution invalid.

I agree with the above quoted comments.

Since runtime, credits, etc. are different between the two versions, I would probably consider adding the US cut as a child profile based on the "bonus feature" rule; or at least list both credits using dividers.
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Quoting DaMikstar:
Quoting nuoyaxin:

Normale Leute: >1000

DVD Profiler Benutzer: >5000

Von den 5000 bin ich aber weit entfernt. 
Selbst, wenn ich alles behalten hätte, was in neueren, besseren Versionen ins Regal gewandert ist (vor allem DVD -> BD, BD -> UHD), käme ich eher nicht an die 5000 ran. 

Dann hast Du auch noch nicht "wirklich viel" und kannst ruhig noch ein paar kaufen
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Most typos in Overviews seem to be user created, rather than the ones already on the box... Ever since Gunnar released his spellcheck app I have seen a lot of Overview corrections come through the updates, stuff that isn't easy to find by just comparing the typed Overview and the one on the box word for word.

So I agree, having a non-auto-correcting spell checker in the program (better) or during contribution would be a nice-to-have feature.

On the other hand, quickly copying the overview and pasting it in Word/Pages/OpenOffice (others are available) or Gunnars app can do the trick almost as fast.
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I lock the Box Set Contents section of the profiles where I don't want child profiles (like the DVD children for Blu-ray/DVD Combo Sets) and am no bothered by those children again.

I am not familiar with the setting you refer to ("Box Set Contents from being included the update") and cannot even guess why i's not doing what you expect it to do.
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Quoting Johann Steiner:
was mich auch so interessiet
wie viele DVD und Blu Ray in einem Besitz ist wirklich viel?

Normale Leute: >1000

DVD Profiler Benutzer: >5000
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Quoting Mark Harrison:
I was quite happy with Parallels.  But this year they switched to a subscription model.

Yikes! I know I won't be using that again in the future then... Although, I came around to this idea with things like AutoCAD (for the colleagues in my office) or Office...

Anyway, VirtualBox works just as fine, really. Not sure right now how easy to would be setting it up with a BootCamp partition, but beyond that I rarely have issues. They regularly release updates to keep up with development of macOS. I have linked it in the past, but here I go again:
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Your online database is / will be at

But to upload it you would have to use DVD Profiler for PC. If you already have some profiles in your phone app, I am not sure myself how you would transfer those to the PC app.

However, scanning should still work without Pic2Shop. Have you made sure to turn "Use Pic2Shop scanner" off in the Settings? After that DVD Profiler should just use the internal camera for scanning barcodes.
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Quoting Mark Harrison:
Just for the record, I recently switched from Parallels to VMWare Fusion.  Profiler still works great.

I switch to VirtualBox quite some time ago and it works just as great. Advantage of VirtualBox: it's free (so you only need to prepare that Windows license).

I have run bth Parallels and VMWare Fusion in the past and was satisfied with both. But seeing that I only need Windows for DVD Profiler and Microsoft Project I ended up switching to the free solution.
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Quoting DJ Doena:
The Lego Movie
The LEGO Batman Movie

Which one is it?

They are different movies...

But seriously... The two profiles I have (not locally modified) right now actually show
The Lego Batman Movie (UK profile)
The LEGO Movie (US profile)
the reverse of what you found.

The overviews on the back follow the rules that GreyHulk referred to, always capitalizing Lego, always with the trailing ® as well (which technically is used on the front cover as well, impressively small).
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In the Version 4.0 Bugs thread on page 4 (beta forum) it was discussed that DVD Profiler is indeed not ready for iPhone X.

That said, I'll second that request.
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I would say Yes. 3-4 songs within 90 min is "something" and it's apparently used to further the narrative.

But if someone were to argue the "3-4 songs are not enough", I'd have a hard time to convince them otherwise, but then it is all a bit subjective...

Spoiler:  (Select to view)
What's the movie...?
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Quoting Addicted2DVD:
The way I always thought was...

Music: Concert discs and such
Musicals: Films with lots of singing and dancing... a lot of times coming out of no where.

I basically agree with those definitions, although other opinions are probably available and the lines are occasionally blurred.

I think one factor for a Musical is, that he songs are plot related, almost replacing dialog for 5 minutes. So, things like Blues Brothers are not Musical (although Music could be argued here) and neither is Dirty Dancing (to my knowledge, I have never seen it).

So, if it was me, I would classify as follows:

Dirty Dancing neither
Moulin Rouge! Musical
Walk the Line maybe Music, nit Musical
The Blues Brothers not Musical, but maybe Music
Blues Brothers 2000 not Musical, but maybe Music
Ray Music
The Blues Brothers Double Feature not Musical, but maybe Music
American Dreamz don't know about this one
A Mighty Wind don't know about this one
Footloose neither
The Wedding Singer neither (just a guy singing at weddings doesn't make a Musical)
Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit: don't know about this one
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What strikes my eye too, is the sample temperature on the thermometer. 22.8ºF...? That seems rather cold to me.
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