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Hi all.

I do all my entering and deleting on my Desktop, then upload the Database and then download it on my Phone.

Recently I spent a bit of time entering six months of Watched Discs Film data on my phone only to have it all wiped out the next time I updated the collection on the phone from the database uploaded from the Desktop 

Is there a way to avoid this? I was thinking I should upload the database from my phone after entering the Watched data. Would the information then stay in the database after I update from the Desktop or will this erase it all again?

Can I enter the Watched data on the Desktop somehow? I couldn't find that anywhere.

Thank you.
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My Criterion DVD of Fritz Lang's M wouldn't play past the menu.

There is a bulletin from Criterion with a list of titles with known problems and they are offering free replacement discs for any that have failed.

It took a couple months but I got a new copy of M.

I checked as many of the other titles as I could find but they all played okay so fingers crossed there are no further problems.
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