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DVD Profiler Unlimited Registrantnuoyaxin
prev. known as ya_shin
Registered: March 13, 2007
Taiwan, Province of China Posts: 3,415
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Quoting Mole:
Quoting VibroCount:
Manners will show in these public discussions.

I remain unconvinced, judging by some of the recent threads!

He did clarify it:

Quoting VibroCount:
I did not mean to imply that these discussions will force the discussors into using good manners. I meant to say that whatever manners a person has (good, bad, ugly) will show, as in being visible, to the rest of us. That we can judge the manners of the combatants. They (the manners -- as well as the lies) will be as plain as the nose on their faces.
Achim [諾亞信; Ya-Shin//Nuo], a German in Taiwan.
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