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Lon Bender vs. Lon E. Bender
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DVD Profiler Desktop and Mobile RegistrantStar ContributorAiAustria
Profiling since 2004
Registered: May 19, 2007
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Quoting T!M:
Wow. So there's currently not a single profile for that title that manages to get that credit right. Amazing.

Anyway: I've updated the list once more: now 57 vs. 51 credits in favour of Lon Bender.

Yes, IMDb has a long reaching arm...
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar Contributorhuskersports
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Manhood: No (valid) credit
Race for Glory: Lon Bender
My one wish for the DVD Profiler online database: Ban or remove the disc-level profiles of TV season sets. It completely screws up/inflates the CLT.
FACT: Imdb is WRONG 70% of the time! Misspelled cast, incomplete cast, wrong cast/crew roles. So for those who want DVD Profiler to be "as perfect as Imdb", good luck with that.
Stop adding UNIT crew! They're invalid credits. Stop it!
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar ContributorT!M
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LON BENDER (56 credits, 56 confirmed):
- 1: Life on the Limit (confirmed by AiAustria)
- 2 Guns (confirmed by emmeli)
- Air America (confirmed by T!M)
- And So It Goes (confirmed by T!M)
- August: Osage County (confirmed by emmeli)
- Barry Munday (confirmed by T!M)
- Beirut (confirmed by huskersports)
- Billions: Season One (confirmed by T!M)
- Blood Diamond (confirmed by T!M)
- Braveheart (confirmed by bbbbb)
- Burnt (confirmed by emmeli)
- The Butterfly Effect (confirmed by T!M)
- The Call (confirmed by emmeli)
- The Clearing (confirmed by Sidrat)
- Clifford (confirmed by ateo375)
- Clockstoppers (confirmed by ateo375)
- D-Tox (a.k.a. Eye See You) (confirmed by VirusPil)
- Dao shi xia shan aka Monk Comes Down the Mountain (confirmed by MickySpoon)
- Defiance (confirmed by T!M)
- The Doors (confirmed by greyghost)
- Drive (confirmed by marcelb7)
- The Education of Little Tree (confirmed by ateo375)
- Heatstroke aka Leave No Trace (confirmed by AiAustria)
- Nocturnal Animals (confirmed by Gamemaster)
- Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (confirmed by ateo375)
- The Hunchback of Notre Dame (confirmed by LJG)
- The Hunger Games (confirmed by huskersports)
- Ingrid Goes West (confirmed by MickySpoon)
- King Arthur (confirmed by Silence_of_Lambs)
- Knockaround Guys (confirmed by Silence_of_Lambs)
- L.A. Story (confirmed by T!M)
- LBJ (confirmed by huskersports)
- Legends of the Fall (confirmed by Silence_of_Lambs)
- The Magic of Belle Isle (confirmed by LKanne)
- Lost River (confirmed by SwissFilm)
- Marilyn Hotchkiss' Ballroom Dancing & Charm School (a.k.a. Dancing to Heaven) (confirmed by AiAustria)
- Never Back Down (confirmed by VirusPil)
- The Next Three Days (confirmed by marcelb7)
- Nocturnal Animals (confirmed by Gamemaster)
- Pawn Sacrifice (confirmed by huskersports)
- The Prince of Egypt (confirmed by T!M)
- The Producers (confirmed by T!M)
- Race for Glory (confirmed by huskersports)
- The Revenant (confirmed by Gamemaster)
- Rumor Has It... (confirmed by T!M)
- The Scarlet Letter (confirmed by ateo375)
- Shock and Awe (confirmed by MickySpoon)
- Shoot to Kill (a.k.a. Deadly Pursuit) (confirmed by ateo375)
- Shrek (confirmed by T!M)
- Solitary Man (confirmed by T!M)
- Stonehearst Asylum aka Eliza Graves (confirmed by emmeli)
- The Tale of Despereaux (confirmed by LJG)
- We Were Soldiers (confirmed by Silence_of_Lambs)
- What to Expect When You're Expecting (confirmed by huskersports)
- Winter's Tale (confirmed by greyghost)
- Young Guns (confirmed by T!M)

LON E. BENDER (51 credits, 48 confirmed):
- The 6th Day (confirmed by T!M)
- Alex & Emma (confirmed by T!M)
- American Legends (confirmed by perryoakridge)
- Beaches (confirmed by T!M)
- Bodies, Rest & Motion (confirmed by T!M)
- Bull Durham (confirmed by T!M)
- Class Act (confirmed by T!M)
- Cloak & Dagger (confirmed by T!M)
- Coal Miner's Daughter (confirmed by T!M)
- Code of Silence (confirmed by T!M)
- Courage Under Fire (confirmed by T!M)
- The Cutting Edge (confirmed by T!M)
- Dutch (confirmed by T!M)
- Evidence
- Ferris Bueller's Day Off (confirmed by T!M)
- The First Power (confirmed by T!M)
- Flipped (confirmed by T!M)
- Glory (confirmed by T!M)
- Inspector Gadget (confirmed by T!M)
- John Henry
- The Last of the Mohicans (confirmed by T!M)
- Madonna: Truth or Dare (aka In Bed With Madonna) (confirmed by T!M)
- The Man in the Iron Mask (confirmed by T!M)
- Mike's Murder (confirmed by huskersports)
- Mission to Mars (confirmed by T!M)
- Mulan (confirmed by T!M)
- No Mercy (confirmed by T!M)
- Nothing But Trouble (confirmed by T!M)
- Nothing in Common (confirmed by T!M)
- Overboard (confirmed by T!M)
- The Pagemaster (confirmed by MickySpoon)
- Planes, Trains and Automobiles (confirmed by T!M)
- Pocahontas (confirmed by T!M)
- The Princess Bride (confirmed by T!M)
- Psycho II (confirmed by T!M)
- Renegades (confirmed by T!M)
- Road Games (confirmed by T!M)
- The Secret of My Success (confirmed by T!M)
- She's Having a Baby (confirmed by T!M)
- The Siege (confirmed by T!M)
- Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone (confirmed by T!M)
- Stand By Me (confirmed by T!M)
- Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot (confirmed by T!M)
- Strange Invaders (confirmed by mdnitoil)
- Talk Radio (confirmed by T!M and bigdaddyhorse)
- Tex (confirmed by LJG)
- True Believer (confirmed by T!M)
- Turner & Hooch (confirmed by T!M)
- Volunteers (confirmed by T!M)
- Wild Life
- Wrestling Ernest Hemingway (confirmed by m.cellophane)

- The Bucket List (confirmed by greyghost)
- Manhood (confirmed by huskersports)
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III  (confirmed by T!M)
- Wilder Napalm (confirmed by ateo357)
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