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Common name: Jesse D. Goins & Donald McAlpine
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar Contributorninso4
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New CLT titles for Donald McAlpine:
The Dressmaker
Side by Side (as cast member) (confirmed by me)

New CLT titles for Donald M. McAlpine:
The Dressmaker (confirmed by me)

New CLT titles for Don McAlpine:
Bob Dylan: Heartbreakers Live in Australia / Hard to Handle (confirmed by me)
Puberty Blues (confirmed by me)
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar ContributorT!M
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It's a bit unfortunate that this handles two entirely unrelated common names in one thread, but the Jesse D. Goins common name is pretty clear, and isn't likely to change, so I'll leave that as it is. I would like, however, to update the Donald (M.) McAlpine findings:

DONALD McALPINE (16 titles, 16 confirmed)
- The Adventures of Barry McKenzie (confirmed by Sidrat)
- Breaker Morant (confirmed by Sidrat)
- Down and Out in Beverly Hills (confirmed by T!M)
- The Getting of Wisdom (confirmed by awilbohk)
- Harry & Son (confirmed by Kluge)
- King David (confirmed by Kluge)
- Medicine Man (confirmed by MikaLove)
- Moon Over Parador (confirmed by baham)
- Moscow on the Hudson (confirmed by T!M)
- Moving (confirmed by Kluge)
- Mrs. Doubtfire (confirmed by T!M)
- Nine Months (confirmed by T!M and ateo357)
- Parenthood (confirmed by T!M)
- Predator (confirmed by baham)
- Side by Side (confirmed by ninso4)
- Stanley & Iris (confirmed by Kluge)

DONALD M. McALPINE (16 titles, 15 confirmed)
- Anger Management (confirmed by Silence_of_Lambs)
- Baz Luhrmann's Red Curtain Trilogy - Behind the Red Curtain Bonus Disc
- The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe (confirmed by baham)
- Clear and Present Danger (confirmed by Silence_of_Lambs)
- The Dressmaker (confirmed by ninso4)
- The Edge (confirmed by bigdaddyhorse)
- Ender's Game (confirmed by huskersports)
- Main Street (confirmed by Kluge)
- The Man Without a Face (confirmed by Kluge)
- Moulin Rouge! (confirmed by baham)
- Patriot Games (confirmed by Orici)
- Peter Pan (confirmed by ateo357)
- Romeo + Juliet (confirmed by T!M)
- Stepmom (confirmed by T!M)
- The Time Machine (confirmed by Kluge)
- X-Men Origins: Wolverine (confirmed by baham)

DON McALPINE (14 titles, 13 confirmed)
- Barry McKenzie Holds His Own (confirmed by Sidrat)
- Bob Dylan: Heartbreakers Live in Australia aka Hard to Handle (confirmed by ninso4)
- Career Opportunities (confirmed by T!M)
- The Club (confirmed by Sidrat)
- Don's Party (confirmed by Sidrat)
- The Earthling
- The Hard Way (confirmed by T!M)
- Money Movers (confirmed by Sidrat)
- My Brilliant Career (confirmed by Sidrat)
- Not Quite Hollywood (confirmed by Sidrat)
- The Odd Angry Shot (confirmed by Sidrat)
- Patrick (confirmed by Sidrat)
- Puberty Blues (confirmed by ninso4)
- Tempest (confirmed by Kluge)

DONALD M McALPINE (1 title, 1 confirmed)
- Mental (confirmed by baham)

If that credit in the 'Behind the Red Curtain' bonus disc profile is accurate, then that could have serious consequences. Because then it'd be a tie between 16 titles for Donald McAlpine and 16 titles for Donald M. McAlpine, in which case the larger number of profiles acts as the tiebreaker - which would sway this towards Donald M. McAlpine. So... Can anyone who owns it confirm a valid credit in that 'Behind the Red Curtain' bonus disc profile?
DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar ContributorMikaLove
Knowledge is Power
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While I can't confirm, I believe it highly likely that the credit in the bonus documentary is DONALD M. McALPINE.
Why? Because the disc is a part of a trilogy, in which he is credited in two of those, as DONALD M. McALPINE;
Moulin Rouge! - DoP
Romeo + Juliet - DoP

And of course he's the DoP for the documentary.

Just glancing at the titles, I'm assuming that there are more profiles for this name as well, making it the common name. (And consulting the CLT, I was definitely right.)

Either way, this may be nonsense since I'm not contributing a confirmation, but TBH I am damn tempted to get my hands on the bonus disc for this matter alone... 
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