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Common name for actor William 'Big Sleep' Stewart
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar Contributorateo357
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Quoting SpaceFreakMicha:
Quoting SwissFilm:
You have only True Justice in your above list. But True Justice has 6 films, each running between 87 and 90 minutes, each sold seperately in a HD Slim Case on different Release Dates. In all 6 of the following films he is credited as:

William "Bigsleeps" Stewart

True Justice: Deadly Crossing
True Justice: Dark Vengeance
True Justice: Street Wars
True Justice: Lethal Justice
True Justice: Brotherhood
True Justice: Urban Warfare

Yes, it's a tricky one: Originally it is a TV series (two seasons). But in Germany they cut the episodes together and released them as 6 movies for each season. They did the same thing with the series "The Lost World" (Season 1).

They did that to The Persuaders! in the USA.

The Persuaders!: 3 Film Collection

Region 1

Released: 11/4/2008

Full Frame 1.33:1

DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar Contributorninso4
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The Interview - William Stewart
Pretty Little Liars: Season 1 - William "Big Sleeps" Stewart
Fear the Walking Dead: Season 1 - William "Big Sleeps" Stewart
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