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Qlikview anyone!?
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DVD Profiler Unlimited Registrantxyrano
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Greetings everyone!

The scope of this post is about an alternate option to DVD Profilers report functionality.

I'm a long time user of DVD Profiler and as such I have a fairly large collection. I've always been interested in statistics and have been searching and found a way to get my precious stats 

I did a course in Qlikview Developer 10 a while back and started fiddeling with the Qlikview application (personal edition) and DVD Profilers XML export file.

I have been able to extract stats that I haven't seen elsewere in DVDP Reports and/or in Plugins.
Also, I use Qliview because I feel I can get more statistical data out of it.

I am now really curious if anyone else in the DVD Profiler community use Qlikview?
And if so, in what capacity?
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