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Who is Who: Michael Williams
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This is a trial to differentiate between all the Michael Williams in our Database:

Michael Williams (????): Actor; aka. Michael Edward Williams

Known for: Ned Kelly, Beautiful Love, Foresight Killer Instinct, Killervision and Frenchman's Flat
Documentation: IMDB as Michael Edward Williams, StarNow, Common name thread

Michael Kenneth Williams (1966): Actor, Writer; aka. Michael K. Williams, Michael Williams

Born November 22nd, 1966 in Flatbush, New York, USA
Known for: 12 Years a Slave, The Road, Gone Baby Gone, Robocop, The Wire and many more.
Documentation: Homepage, Wikipedia, IMDB as Michael Kenneth Williams, Common name thread

Michael Williams (1935): Actor

Born July 9th, 1935 in Liverpool, England, UK; died January 11th, 2001
Known for: Educating Rita, Henry V, A Fine Romance, Marat/Sade and many more including a bunch of British TV shows like A Fine Romance
Documentation: Wikipedia, IMDB as Michael Williams (I)
Remark: Spouse to Dame Judy Dench (1971-2001)

Michael Williams (1962): Actor, Boxer; aka. Michael Anthony Williams, Mercury

Born June 16th, 1962 in Lafayette, LA, USA
Known for: Rocky V, Full Metal Jacket, The Brave One, Another 48 Hours and many more including guest appearances in TV shows like Homicide
Documentation: Wikipedia, IMDB as Michael Anthony Williams, BoxRec

Michael Williams (1957): Producer

Born February 14th, 1957 in USA
Known for: Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Knock First, Transsiberian, Session 9, Home Made Simple and many more, mainly TV shows.
Documentation: Wikipedia, IMDB as Michael Williams (VI)

Michael Williams (1990): Actor, Director, Videographer

Born December 1st, 1990 in UK
Known for: Ashens and the Quest for the Gamechild and some shorts like Paper Jam
Documentation: Homepage, IMDB as Michael Williams (LXVII), Twitter, LinkedIn

Michael Williams (????): Adult Film Actor

Known for: Black and White vol.3, Interracial Threesomes vol.2, Carter Cruise Obsession
Documentation: Homepage, IAFD, Blacked.com

Michael Williams (????): Editor, video tape editor
Known for: Thomas and Sarah, Bless Me, Father, Enemy at the Door, Auf Wiedersehen Pet and other British TV shows
Documentation: IMDB as Michael Williams (LI)

Michael Williams (????): Producer; aka. Mike Williams, Michael A. Williams
Known for: Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag, Top Secret Adventures of Jules Verne
Documentation: IMDB as Michael A. Williams (I), Resumé at InnovativeArtists, ShotOnWhat

Michael Williams (1981): Actor, Producer
Born August 1st, 1981 in Sheffield, England, UK
Known for: How to Be
Documentation: IMDB as Michael Williams (XLIII)

Michael Schwartz (????): Actor; aka. Michael W. Schwartz, Michael Williams

Known for: Where the Action Is, The Big Bus, Ruby and Oswald/Four Days in Dallas, Linda Lovelace for President and M*A*S*H
Documentation: IMDB as Michael Schwartz, Common name thread

Michael R. Williams (1968): Producer, Director; aka. Michael Williams

Born February 13th, 1968 in Encino, California, USA
Known for: Shackles, Next Day Air, How to Make Love Like an Englishman, Engaging Peter and many more…
Documentation: Homepage, IMDB as Michael R. Williams (II), Twitter
Remark: Most of the time he works as line producer or production manager. Therefore most of his credits - but not all - are invalid for our purpose… Maybe we need a common name thread…

Michael C. Williams (1973): Actor, Writer, Producer; aka. Michael Williams, Mike C. Williams, Mike Williams

Born July 25th, 1973 in New York, NY, USA
Known for: The Blair Witch Project, The Objective, Altered, Without a Trace, Law & Order: SVU and others.
Documentation: Wikipedia, IMDB as Michael C. Williams, Common name thread

This list is not comprehensive. At least the following persons are included in our data base, which I can't assign to any known Michael Williams:

As Himself:
The Boys of Baranka
Coast: Series 3: A Journey of Discovery

Songwriter für Homecoming (Chronicle)
Songwriter (DragonLance: Dragons of Autumn Twilight)

... and others with only one appearance:
Michael Williams (X) as Really Cool Frat in Future-Kill (1985)
Michael Williams (XV) as Zare in Prison Planet (1992)
Six year old boy in Immortal (1995)

If you have any further documentation, more Michael Williams or - the most important - birth years for one of the above, please post the information here.

I'll post the missing birth years in the birth year thread after the common name threads are a little bit more significant.
Complete list of Common Names  •  A good point for starting with Headshots (and v11.1)
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