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Not every appearance of cast members in other releases listed
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantGorcher
Registered: June 27, 2007
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I am using the most current Android app but maintain and update my collection on Windows. There I add new profiles, upload them to my online collection and then download that collection to the app.

Now I have the following problem using the app:

If I choose one actor inside a profile the list of his/her other appearances in my collection is basically always incomplete. If I choose for example John Travolta within the "Phenomenon" profile I get only "American Crime Story" listed. But inside that one there is no connection back to "Phenomenon" nor any other of his appearances.

This applies to all of John Travolta. "The General's Daughter", "Blow Out", etc. everything seems connected only to "American Crime Story" which for some reason seems to be the focal point here.

And this applies seemingly to all cast/crew members in every profile. But it's not always just one connection. For some actors I get three profiles listed (but where I know it should be way over ten). But regarding the John Travolta example it's always just one. So something here is not working right.

In the Windows profiler everything works fine so why does it not work with the app? Or what can I do to make it work?

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,
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DVD Profiler Unlimited Registrantjfrench
Registered: April 16, 2008
United States Posts: 347
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Hi Christopher,
I have a phone withe Android 4.4.2 and a tablet with 6.0.1 and have no problems like you describe.  Clicking on any cast member results in a complete listing of all of their profiles.  I'm always able to return to where I started no matter how circuitous the route or which cast member I choose.
Jim F.
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