Invelos Software's database of DVD information is grown and refined through contributions from users like you. In order to ensure accuracy and consistency within the database, we've created this set of rules governing contributions.

Please familiarize yourself with these rules and feel free to come back here whenever you have a question.

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Before You Contribute
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Before You Contribute

Before changing a profile and making a contribution, there are some things that you should consider.

  • Before editing an existing profile, make sure you have refreshed it from the online database so that you are starting with the latest version.
  • Read the prior Contribution Notes. They will give you information about contributions that other users have made. There are two specific things that you need to be particularly aware of:
    • Have other users verified discrepancies between the cover and the actual disc information? If so do not contribute the incorrect box information again.
    • Are there pending contributions from other users, which have yet to be evaluated by Invelos screeners? If so, you need to ensure that your contribution will not overwrite pending corrections with incorrect information again. Or are you duplicating the contribution that is pending, just contributing the same information again?
  • Make sure your contributions add significant value to the database. For example, contributions that only re-order the information within a certain section should not be submitted. These unnecessary changes are highlighted in the rules. Please do not make a separate contribution for them; however, they may be acceptable if you are making wider corrections to a profile.
  • Studios occasionally re-release titles with the same UPC/EAN, but with changed content – for example Cover Images, Case Type and Overview. Subsequent releases are entered with an alternate version UPC/EAN.
What to Contribute Titles

Last Updated: Saturday, April 16, 2016