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General DiscussionNew posts in this threadanyone PC savy??  (1 2 )
Quoting AiAustria:
Quoting mediadogg:
(2) On the enabled adapter (I assume Wi-fi), examine the TCPIP V4 properties and make sure that the settings are correct. Your IP address should be via DHCP (unless you really want a fixed address), your Gateway should be the address of your router (usually something like, and your DNS server should be set to automatic or similar wording. That should clear out any numbers in the DNS boxes.

Check, which DNS is delivered by the Router. All of them have to be accessible, since Winsdows does not use them properly (if one of them is down, the whole system stalls).

For testing manually enter the Google DNS servers an

I wouldn't add this level of complexity until the defaults are verified and tested for awhile.

Contribution DiscussionNew posts in this threadThanks to... acting credit
Extras = No

Contribution DiscussionNew posts in this threadTwo versions
I think we can all agree that it's not a classic easteregg. But in some ways it is. This cut is nowhere mentioned on the cover or the disc's menu. And it's hidden behind a menu option which is far from obvious.
Personally I would not enter this as an easteregg. But you could argue for it if you wanted to. 

Back to the original topic:

Whether you contribute the credits from the Italian or the US version is up the your own preference.
I would choose the Italian version because it's the original film version and it has a German dubbing.
Since it's a German release the version with a German audio tracks is, for me, always the main feature of a German release.

But there is no rule stating this as there is no rule saying you most use the longer cut as basis for your contribution (besides the running time rule).

If someone contributes the Italian cut credits there's no rule making the contribution invalid.
If someone contributes the US cut credits I would think it's a bit unpractical because most buyers of this release will never see this version, but that does not make this contribution invalid.

Contribution DiscussionNew posts in this threadCommon name: Maria Cristina Maccà / Maria Cristina Macca' / Maria Cristina Macca / Cristina Maccà / Cristina Macca / Cristina Macca'
Common name found:

Cristina Maccà

Mad Rockatansky
Contribution DiscussionNew posts in this threadMassimo Antonello Geleng  (1 2 )
La poliziotta a New York as Antonello Geleng

Mad Rockatansky
General DiscussionNew posts in this threadCat Macros aka LOLCats  (1 2 3 ...1028 )

General DiscussionNew posts in this threadCan't forget us dog lovers ... post funny pics  (1 2 3 ...860 )

General Home Theater DiscussionNew posts in this threadNew LG OLED 4K 3D TV  (1 2 3 ...9 )
I find that 3D movies are becoming incrementally more watchable. Just watched Life Of Pi with the family recently. It was visually stunning. In some scenes, you got the feeling you were actually in the water, with the waterline bobbing up and down over your face. We were sitting about 10 - 12 feet in front of 120" screen.

Desktop Technical SupportNew posts in this threadImages being skipped from updates even when Unlocked
I've noticed this behaviour as well, even more on the iOS app than the PC application.

Desktop Technical SupportNew posts in this threadis this a normal look for profiler 4
This was a reported bug in the beta. Ken thought he fixed it, but I guess not.

Desktop Technical SupportNew posts in this threadmissing from my DVD'S colection
I think you need to post more details. Where are you missing the DVDs? Your Profiler database on your computer? Or is it missing from the online database? Do you have a backup you could open?

You seem to have an online collection, if that is current, you could always download that to get the missing ones back.

Wouldn't hurt to do a database repair either.

Desktop Technical SupportNew posts in this threadMigrating back from DVDPedia to DVD Profiler
I find some information from a few years ago on how to move from DVD Profiler on Windows to DVDPedia on Mac.

But now I want to do the opposite. In recent years I have become increasingly a Windows 10 user and so I'd like to move my DVD and Blu-ray collection database management back to Profiler.

Anybody done this? I'm struggling to find a way to export the data from Pedia in a format that Profiler will digest.

Thanks for any advice!