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Contribution DiscussionNew posts in this threadCommon name for actress Lucinda Faraldo/Clare/Galloway/Aurel
I'd like to establish the common name for actress Lucinda Faraldo/Clare/Galloway/Aurel.

Also see her official website lucindaclare.com, which includes her IMDbPro-resumé in PDF-format: http://lucindaclare.com/assets/lucinda-clare-imdbpro.pdf.

LUCINDA FARALDO (4 titles, 0 confirmed)
- Beyond Bedlam
- Boiler Room
- For Love of the Game
- Law & Order: The Ninth Year

LUCINDA CLARE (4 titles, 0 confirmed)
- The Agency
- Boiler Room
- For Love of the Game
- Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

LUCINDA GALLOWAY (2 titles, 0 confirmed)
- Bergerac: The Complete Ninth Series
- Beyond Bedlam

LUCINDA AUREL (1 title, 1 confirmed)
- CutThroat Island (confirmed by T!M)

New Users ForumNew posts in this threadWebsite not secure?  (1 2 )
If you want to secure your website then use https for a secure connection. 

New Users ForumNew posts in this threadUse of Barcode Scanner
Give 'em the ol'

Dr. Killpatient
Website DiscussionNew posts in this threadgoodguy's Credit Lookup Plus  (1 2 3 ...10 )
Ok, accuracy improved. Moved progress bar so that it does not intrude on the UI (no longer stops you from working while it is running). Still chasing a couple of elusive glitches. Hopefully a video and release within a couple more days. I've also got to get my taxes done. 

Contribution DiscussionNew posts in this threadCommon name for JR Villarreal / J.R Villarreal
The Bridge: S1e05

JR Villarreal  5 confirmed
Akeelah and the Bee
CSI: Miami: S5e14
The Death and Life of Bobby Z
Ghost Whisperer: S1 e08
House: S2e03

J.R. Villarreal  2 confirmed
Ghost Team One
Spare Parts

Juan Villareal. Jr.  1 confirmed
Without a Trace: S2e07

common name is JR Villarreal

Contribution DiscussionNew posts in this threadMight as well try and ask a question.  The Chosen blu ray upc 689585362521
That wouldn't work as you have to give sources for whatever date you use. I would say if you can't get the exact date just leave it alone.