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Website DiscussionNew posts in this threadWhere is Ken Cole?  (1 2 3 ...5 )
Quoting Assassin:
Importing to MyMovies worked fine for me but unfortunately none of my profiles with disc id (child profiles without UPC) were recognized, and there are a lot...

We will work on a better way to identify that - when the parent profile is added, it adds also the child titles in our service, and therefore child titles should be ignored, and not listed as failed.

We have found that DVD Profiler and My Movies uses different id types for Blu-ray and 4K titles, and therefore only DVD profiles with disc ids (no barcode) can be imported. The ids in DVD Profiler looks like a CRC64 id, but that is a Windows thing, and Windows does not support these for Blu-ray.

DVD Profiler OnlineNew posts in this threadWhat DVDs have you bought this week?  (1 2 3 ...425 )
Arrived today. 

The Nile: 5,000 Years of History

Region 2

Released: 30/12/1899

Anamorphic 1.78:1

The Thames: Britain's Great River

All Regions

Released: 29/07/2019

Widescreen 1.78:1

Website DiscussionNew posts in this threadgoodguy's Credit Lookup Plus  (1 2 3 ...6 )
Hot Dog! Figured out the scraping. Now just some brute force coding to put in the page loops and grab the profile IDs. Got a family function to attend over the weekend, but hopefully by early next week I'll have something in beta to mess with. Fun!

General DiscussionNew posts in this threadHow To Edit UPC
If you use greyghost's solution, it is possible to contribute that new profile. Compare all the info with yours because quite honestly, there are often changes made somewhere on the disc or cover between localities. When contributing, in the notes section, list the original UPC and say that you got the information from that one (mostly used when people didn't want to redo cast/crew) and what info you kept from that UPC.

To avoid no votes, make sure you check the cast and crew from the disc against what is listed in the profile because it is very easy to keep on populating the database with incorrect information just by copying and pasting.

Hope this helps!

New Users ForumNew posts in this threadImport CollectorZ XML into Profiler 4 using BulkEdit. No XML Option?

I'm new and I read the "Import MyMovies XML?" post and mediadogg said to use BulkEdit to import XML.  She also said it was successful on CollectorZ, which I still currently have, but just the standalone, not the subscription.
I purchased the lifetime DVD Profiler 4.0 and downloaded the latest BulkEdit 2.93 and then the 2.90 and both these only have CSV import at least from what I can see on how to use BulkEdit in Profiler...

Can anyone help me please?


Contribution DiscussionNew posts in this threadCommon name for actress Jessica Stevenson/Jessica Hynes  (1 2 )
JESSICA STEVENSON (27 titles, 26 confirmed)
- 8 Out of 10 Cats: Claws Out (confirmed by SoylentDave)
- Agatha Christie: Marple: The Moving Finger (confirmed by T!M)
- The Baby of Mâcon (confirmed by SoylentDave)
- Black Books: The Complete Series 2 (confirmed by T!M)
- Bob & Rose: The Complete Series (confirmed by T!M)
- Born Romantic (confirmed by T!M)
- Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (confirmed by T!M)
- Comic Aid: Live & Uncut
- Confetti (confirmed by T!M)
- Four Last Songs (confirmed by T!M)
- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (confirmed by T!M)
- The House of Eliott: Series 3 (confirmed by SoylentDave)
- Magicians (confirmed by T!M)
- Midsomer Murders: The Killings at Badger's Drift (confirmed by SoylentDave)
- People Like Us: Series One (confirmed by T!M)
- Pinochet's Last Stand (confirmed by JOHNNYV)
- Pure (confirmed by JOHNNYV)
- Randall & Hopkirk {Deceased}: The Complete First Series (confirmed by T!M)
- The Royle Family: The Complete First Series (confirmed by AiAustria)
- The Royle Family: The Complete Second Series (confirmed by AiAustria)
- The Royle Family: The Complete Third Series (confirmed by AiAustria)
- The Royle Family: The Queen of Sheba (confirmed by AiAustria)
- The Secret Policeman's Ball: The Ball in the Hall (confirmed by GreyHulk)
- Shaun of the Dead (confirmed by T!M)
- Son of Rambow (confirmed by Nosferatu)
- Spaced (confirmed by T!M)
- Swing Kids (confirmed by Mad Rockatansky)

JESSICA HYNES (24 titles, 24 confirmed)
- Bridget Jones's Baby (confirmed by T!M)
- Burke & Hare (confirmed by SoylentDave)
- Chalet Girl (confirmed by T!M)
- Cider With Rosie (confirmed by SoylentDave)
- Doctor Who: The Complete Third Series (confirmed by SoylentDave)
- Doctor Who: The Complete Specials (confirmed by SoylentDave)
- Faintheart (confirmed by SoylentDave)
- Hang Ups: Complete Series 1 (confirmed by T!M)
- Hooten & The Lady (confirmed by T!M)
- The Hour (confirmed by Rizor)
- Learners (confirmed by T!M)
- Moone Boy: Series One (confirmed by T!M)
- Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger! (confirmed by SoylentDave)
- Paddington 2 (confirmed by nins04)
- Pudsey the Dog: The Movie (confirmed by SoylentDave)
- The Royle Family: Joe's Crackers (confirmed by AiAustria)
- The Royle Family: The Golden Egg Cup (confirmed by AiAustria)
- Skins: Complete Fifth Series (confirmed by SoylentDave)
- Twenty Twelve: Series 1 (confirmed by T!M)
- Twenty Twelve: Series 2 (confirmed by T!M)
- Up the Women: Series 1 & 2 (confirmed by T!M)
- W1A: The Complete Series 1 and 2 (confirmed by T!M)
- W1A: The Complete Series 3 (confirmed by T!M)
- Years and Years: Series 1 (confirmed by T!M)

JAZZY JESS (1 title, 1 confirmed)
- Spaced (confirmed by T!M)

Already out, but not in the database yet (or at least not with cast/crew yet): 'Swallows and Amazons', the second season of 'Hoff the Record' (only out in Germany), 'Travel Man: 48 Hours In... Complete Series 1' and 'One Night'. Out soon: 'The Fight' (September 2) and 'Nativity Rocks!' (October 28). These are likely all Jessica Hynes, and will therefore presumably flip the common name - if only they make their way into the database...

Contribution DiscussionNew posts in this threadPinned: List of Accepted Birth Years with Documentation.  (1 2 3 ...303 )
David Rhodes





Android Feature RequestsNew posts in this threadadd photo and details options to custom entry in android app
This would be amazing...

New Users ForumNew posts in this threadWebsite not secure?
You need to go to the payment page and pay attention to the url, if there is https, then do not worry, payment will be safe.

Contribution DiscussionNew posts in this threadPeanuts Collection
It's a bit tricky because there's no strictly guidelines on DVD Profiler as to how long is a short vs. feature. That said, for 1970s collection v2, I created child profiles for the discs themselves and used the episode divider to separate the shows on each disc. Due to their length it seemed to make sense to treat the specials as an on-again, off-again TV series. But it wouldn't bother me if someone split them into separate shows.