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UV & iTunes entry
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Registered: June 20, 2015
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It would be nice to be able to add my digital library from UV & iTunes so that I can have a comprehensive database of ALL my movies & TV.
DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar Contributorpgaudin
Registered: April 7, 2007
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i'm agree with you: it would be nice to be able to integrate digital movies library from UV and itunes in DVDProfiler when you have only the digital copy.

for example: a new media type: digital copy (added to DVD and Blu ray) with the possibility to give the format of the copy :HD or SD  and the origin of the digital movie (UV, itunes, ... and perhaps others like google play movies)

i know that i can do that with tags, distributors for UV or itunes, ... in the existing version of DVDprofiler but i would  be better to have  an "official" new media type i think.

But... a new media type means that the integration of digial movies become common to all the dvdprofiler versions (PC, IOS, android).

I hope to be clear in my explanations and thoughts !!! 
DVD Profiler Desktop and Mobile Registrantmediadogg
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Registered: March 18, 2007
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@pgaudin, I think you are correct in your perspective. I have been working on solutions for including digital media for a long time. Plugin LoadDVD lets you play digital media drirectly from a DVDP icon. After serveral years, Ken add My Links to allow a similar capability without a plugin.

As far as media types, Ken has already indicated that he is working on some updates. As usual, it is just a matter of time before DVDP adds support for new standards. Until then you could play with SideCar - a way to "officially" add custom fields that will be treated properly by Invelos - backup / restore, online storage and database repair. But as you pointed out, we still need support in iOS, Report Generator, etc. to be implemented by Invelos.

Lastly, just FYI, I have been routinely exploring the possibility to add new features to my plugins. Recently I had a discussion with Ultraviolet. They wanted $5,000 for full API access, but when I described our situation (we have our own metadata), they mentioned that they are considering perhaps a lower cost / free API for simple access - for example: "Query what titles in my DVDP database have an Utraviloet available", or "For all Ultarviolet titles that I own, please add them to my DVDP database."  I used to do exactly this for Netflix, but then they shut down the API. Maybe Ken would be willing to pay the $5000???? 

Eventually the world will catch up ... I just hope you are still interested. 
Thanks for your support.
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