Only $2.95
one-time fee,
perpetual license

Automated synchronization keeps your mobile and desktop up to date

Synchronize your entire collection (including high res images, up to your device's capability), to your mobile device.

Make changes to your collection and synchronize those changes back to your desktop automatically:

  • Store your collection, images, and other data in main memory or on removable media
  • Move profiles (e.g. from wishlist to owned)
  • Personalize profiles, including setting purchase price, location, collection number, review, etc.
  • Set movies watched (optionally with the included Movie Pick Mobile)
  • Manage loaned status, edit user info, and more!

Take your whole collection database with you
- to the store, to work, or just to your TV

Take in your whole collection at a glance, with custom display and sort order. Visiting a store and want a quick view of new releases in your wishlist? One click gets you there.

Scan through your collection as a list, by summary, or in full-screen cover view.

Access quick actions like personalizing or moving, right from the main list.

Personalization, review, and loan managment

Set reviews and watched status while you watch the movie.

Enter purchase information at the store, and synch the changes back to your desktop automatically. No more digging for receipts!

And no more buying duplicates on accident. Or am I the only one who does that? :)

Access quick actions like personalizing or moving, right from the main list.

All the details, everywhere you go

Details view lives up to its name by giving you access to the rich data in DVD Profiler.

Full cast, crew, overview, cover images, features, formats - the whole profile is here, in organized, tabbed views.

Scan through your collection right from details view, with your device's joypad.

Access all the available actions, including personalizing, review, moving, loaning, setting watched, and even deleting. All your changes will be synchronized with DVD Profiler on your desktop automatically.

More than just your collection - bring the entire online database with you

Browse new releases, upcoming releases, by date range, or week-by-week.

When you synchronize with DVD Profiler, the latest list is automatically sent to your mobile device. You can send the whole list, or narrow it down to save space by selecting specific localities, and by limiting to recent releases.

Find something you want? Move it to your wishlist, ordered, or owned collections right from this list.

New releases are automatically highlighted for easy identification.

Looking for something specific?

Search your collection and the online list, from one interface, and at the same time.

Search by UPC or by title, either way the results are virtually instant.

... And much, much more!

  • Supported on:
    • Windows Mobile 6 Professional or Classic
    • Windows Mobile 5 Professional or Classic
    • Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2003 SE
  • Support for standard (240x320), and VGA (480x640) devices is built-in, with more on the way.
  • Movie Pick, mobile version lets you quickly find something good to watch.
  • Cast and crew browser finds related profiles instantly. Jump between profiles directly from the list.
  • Parental control

Only $2.95
one-time fee