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Normally, when a Blu-ray has a language selection at the start, the language and subtitle specs stay the same, regardless which language you choose. I have recently bought the German Blu-ray of the French comedy L'aile ou la cuisse (aka The Wing and the Thigh, distributed by StudioCanal, same disc as in France) and on that disc, things work differently.
When you choose German, you can watch the movie in French and German with optional German (but not French) subtitles. If you choose French, you can watch the film only in French but with optional French subtitles.
At the moment the profile reflects only the German language/subtitle options. In a case like this, is it okay to add the French subtitle option as well?
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A warning for anyone who uses a LG drive to read the disc-id of Ultra HD Blu-rays: LG released firmware updates for some drives to "Improve BD UHD disc compatibility". However, in reality these updates close a loophole in AACS. The result is that DVD Profiler can not use the drive anymore to read the disc-id.

More information: https://www.myce.com/news/lg-blu-ray-burner-firmware-update-closes-aacs-2-0-loophole-cant-downgraded-83322/
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If you click "Add DVD to your collection" and then "By title" you can select "Coming soon" as release date. The program will then show you all profiles with upcoming release dates which you can then add to your wishlist.
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I'm using the LG CH12NS40 and that drive is capable of reading UHD disc-ids.
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Recently I noticed that for quite some newly bought discs, DVD Profiler was ignoring the prices I entered (the newly added discs were added with a price of 0.00€). The reason for this is that on the numeric keypad on German keyboards a comma is used instead of a decimal point. When adding the price with a decimal point everything works as expected.
Would it be possible for the program to simply accept a comma and just changing it internally to a decimal point? Or show an error message that a comma is not accepted? That would be better than just ignoring the value that was entered...
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