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A suggestion: Use your phone to update your PC version, and then upload your PC version. 
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Here's a thought for your customized covers: copy the "covers" folder from the appropriate place in the DVD Profiler structure to the correct place on your SD card. When you transfer over, overwrite the contents to ensure you get the custom covers. When you transfer everything to the tablet, remember to transfer this folder.
Time-consuming, but it works.    (I recently had to do to match my laptop database with my PC.)
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There is probably a simple fix, However, I can't find it.
Every time I start up DVD Profiler  4.0.0 1762, the collection showcase does not load. Instead, I get the Loan Status tab.
Is there any way to stitch these? The default used to be Collection Showcase. For some reason that stopped displaying. 
Any help appreciated.
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