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I'm not sure what to say. I have had the same thing happen, and when I checked later the pics had populated. Possibly just give it some time. 

Quoting jjom:
Once again
After changing my smartphone, after synchronizing with the android application, I stopped seeing the images from the movie covers.
I have already changed the resolution of images from Very Small (80x115) to Unlimited.
The problem is on my smartphone with Android 9
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Quoting MuckyMuckMan:
Every time I try to upload my Android app collection to my online collection the loading bar just stops about a quarter of the way during the upload process. Anyone know how to fix this?

Wrong forum section for Android questions. There is a whole forum section dedicated to Android.
This section used to be for the olf Windows Mobile app. 
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Quoting Knasen69:
Nope the other is not free. You have to pay for them both

Each is a separate purchase. 
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Quoting tmdenton:
When I scan the barcode on some of my movies they don't show up so I have to add it manually.  On those I then have to scan the cover art and add it to my collection on my PC.  However, when I upload my collection then download it for my mobile app the images are not on the mobile profiler.  How come?  How do I get those images on my phone?  When I'm at the store looking at movies I would like to open the app and look at the cover art so I don't buy the wrong movie.

  Which mobile OS are you using? Android or iOS?
  My other comment is to where to post. This is an old forum for the old Windows mobile phone software. Depending on your phones OS, you would be better off posing in the support forum that matches the OS.

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