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Common name for actor William/Willie (S.) Wong
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I'd like to establish the common name for actor William/Willie (S.) Wong. Note that he's not be confused with a basketball player named William Wong (appears in 'Air Bud'), a screenwriter named William Wong (wrote the screenplay for 'Faa faa ying ging') and a production sound mixer named William Wong (credited in 'Wild Malibu Weekend!'). The only credit I can't place is a lone German profile for 'Supercapitalist' (2012), which includes a cast entry for William Wong as a "Street Onlooker". I can't be sure if that lone profile is accurate, and secondly I'm not sure whether it's the Mr. Wong we're looking for here. Even if it's him, and the credit's accurate, then that doesn't seem to change the fact that Willie Wong remains the common name:

WILLIE WONG (2 titles, 1 confirmed)
- Big Trouble in Little China (confirmed by T!M)
- Steele Justice

WILLIAM S. WONG (1 title, 0 confirmed)
- Hard Justice

WILLIAM WONG (1 title, 0 confirmed)
- Supercapitalist (unsure if this is the same guy)
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