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Had DVD contribution declined because of previous contributor made mistake
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar Contributorcronosmantas
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Registered: June 2, 2008
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A contributor submitted a pre-release for a DVD and then mistakenly had a follow-up contribution approved that stated  "The UPC initially supplied does not match this profile. The correct profile (ends in 989) is already in the database" and thus it was removed from the database.

This is NOT true. The profile that ended in 989 is the Blu-ray version. The version I submitted (UPC # 738329244972) is the DVD version which is currently not in the database because it got removed due to the mistake from the previous contributor. The cover scan of the back cover I provided proves the UPC yet my contribution got declined.

It's a lot of work to add films into the database but when my contributions get declined because of a previous contributors mistake makes me weary of taking time out of my day to do so. I resubmitted it explaining the previous contributors error but if it gets declined again, I will be done submitting
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar Contributorhuskersports
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That was me. The initial contributor (whoever it was) who contributed the UPC 738329244972 on blu-ray.com had it as the UPC for the blu-ray version of The Groundstar Conspiracy. However, when I got my physical copy 4 days later, the UPC from blu-ray.com and the UPC on the back cover artwork itself didn't match. Having no interest in the DVD version, I had no way of knowing that the -72 UPC was the valid UPC for the DVD version. So I asked that the profile be removed. Your UPC ending in -72 is correct. If it helps, edit your contribution notes to add "from blu-ray.com" after "supplied".
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