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"Global Replacement" - Any experiences?
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As I only used it sometimes for just a few profiles, I would like to know more about YOUR experiences about this feature. And for a better understanding, I do this example:

We got a TV Series with several where one of the main roles is played by "John Smith". He had some other appearances before, and for at least 150 episodes of the seriers he was credited as "John Smith".

But he has a second christian name, and suddenly at the end season 4 his full name "John Robert Smith" is credited. It is not an exception and the series goes one for another 20 and more seasons.

So before I (buy and) type another load of seasons with him just credited as "John Robert Smith" (and before I have to change him in hundreds of episodes) I would like to know how this "Global Replacement" works.

I imagine creating a new actor for my Profiler, named "John Robert Smith". Using "Global Replacement", there is the checkbox about "making him credited as" or something like this. So if I use "Global Replacement", will this tool replace "John Smith" completely with  "John Robert Smith", but in the first 150 episodes with credited as " "John Smith"? As I try to avoid unneccessary work, I'd like to know if this is the case - or not.

Has anyone done something similar before?
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