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Discussion on "Collected Statements from Invelos on contribution discussions"
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Quoting VirusPil:
Thanks Muckl.

Could anyone that has access to the rules forum post a quote of tweeter's post Ken is refering to. (Just to be complete)

That thread is locked so it's hard to do a quote, but tweeter actually repeated his post here in the Contribution Discussion forum:

Quoting tweeter:
I'll repeat my Contribution Rules forum message here that prompted Ken's reply in the opening message


I'm trying to decide if there is a better way to do these dividers and this seems like the right place to hash it out.

Back to the Future 2. It has nested group credits as seen here:

My take on the credits is
1) The Years are Group Start dividers
2) Video Waiters and Griff Gang are Group Start dividers (nested)
3) I add the appropriate Group End divider for each Start

and i get this:

Ideally Wood through Ishida would be indented under 2015 like Birdsong is under 1985 and the nested groups would be pushed to a second level.  But that isn't what happens.

While this would be technically correct under v3.6, is it the best way to handle it?  Is there an option?

(All the dividers currently exist in the on-line profile)

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Many Thanks James. 
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