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Using iPhone to perform inventory
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It would be of great value to be able to use the SCAN BARCODE functionnality of the iphone/ipad app to perform very easily an inventory of your collection. This could be done by simply adding an new field "last scan date" to every DVD/BD. That way, each time you scan an barcode and the DVD/BD is successfully identified and located in your collection, the app could automatically update this new field "last scan date" for the identified DVD/BD. On the PC side, I would like to filter on that field (or use it in a reporting). By doing so, I could then easily identifiy the DVD/BD that are missing in my inventory (eg having an old or empty "last scan date") .

PS: this is how i do it today: I use repeatly SCAN BARCODE on my Iphone and when the DVD/BD is identified, I do the action to "loan" it to myself. Afterwards I use the "loaned to" functionnalities on my PC application to identifiy the DVD/BD that is not loaned (eg missing in my inventory). During the inventory of my 1500 DVD/BD, I found out that using the scanning of barcodes to jump to the DVD/BD in my collection is quite a time saving feature.
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