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CLT result for Wayne Pere / Wayne Péré / Wayne Pére
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar ContributorLKanne
Registered: November 3, 2007
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Posts: 484
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The Magicians: Season One, Episode One  ->  WAYNE PÉRÉ
opening credits @0:11:57
DVD Profiler Desktop and Mobile RegistrantStar ContributorAiAustria
Profiling since 2004
Registered: May 19, 2007
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Austria Posts: 5,615
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Wayne Pere (37 x credited) (32 confirmed)
A Haunting in Connecticut 2
Alien Nation: The Complete Series
Alien Nation: The Enemy Within
An American Summer
American Horror Story (confirmed by Deacon78)
American Ultra (visual checked)
Banshee: The Complete First Season (confirmed by greyghost)
Beastmaster 2 (visual checked)
The Beguiled (confirmed by _ppj_)
Bending the Rules (visual checked)
The Big Short (confirmed by huskersports)
Diagnosis Murder: The Fourth Season
Eye for an Eye (visual checked)
Empire State (visual checked)
ER: The Complete First Series (confirmed by Nosferatu)
Fant4stic (visual checked)
The Flash: The Complete Series (confirmed by bbbbb)
Free State of Jones (confirmed by LKanne)
Full Frontal (checked)
Kristy (visual checked)
Las Vegas: Season Two (visual checked)
Life: Season Two (visual checked)
Mandrake (visual checked)
Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House (confirmed by huskersports)
Midnight Special (confirmed by greyghost)
Murder, She Wrote: The Complete Twelfth Season (visual checked)
Nothing Left to Fear (visual checked)
NYPD Blue: Season 08 (visual checked)
Out of Sight (visual checked)
Perfect Crimes Collection (confirmed by SoylentDave)
Shock and Awe (confirmed by huskersports)
Seeking Justice (visual checked)
South Of Hell: The Complete Series (confirmed by Nosferatu)
That '70s Show: Season One (visual checked)
Transit (visual checked)
Trumbo (confirmed by huskersports)
Zoo: Season One (confirmed by Nosferatu)

Wayne Péré (27 x credited) (24 confirmed)
3rd Rock From the Sun: Season 3 (confirmed by T!M)
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: The Complete Third Season (visual checked)
Dawson's Creek: Season Three (confirmed by AiAustria)
Friends: Season 1 (confirmed by SoylentDave)
Galaxy Quest (visual checked)
Ghost Whisperer: The Complete First Season (checked)
Ghost Whisperer: The Third Season (checked)
Lay the Favorite (visual checked)
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman - Season 2 (confirmed by T!M)
The Magicians: Season One (confirmed by LKanne)
Mirrors 2 (visual checked)
NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service - Season 4 (confirmed by AiAustria)
Nip/Tuck: The Complete Sixth Season (visual checked)
Numb3rs: The Complete Second Season (visual checked)
Northern Exposure: The Complete Fifth Season (confirmed by SoylentDave)
Northern Exposure: The Complete Sixth and Final Season (confirmed by SoylentDave)
Ocean's Thirteen (visual checked)
Pirates of Silicon Valley (visual checked)
Running Mates (confirmed by T!M)
Spider-Man: Homecoming (confirmed by _ppj_)
Star Trek: Voyager: The Full Journey (visual checked)
The Informant! (visual checked)
The Limey (visual checked)
V.I.P.: The Complete First Season
Venom (confirmed by Gamemaster)
Walker, Texas Ranger: The Fourth Season

Wayne Pére (9x credited) (2 confirmed) (5x invalid)
Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time (invalid)
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Season Three (invalid)
Dawson's Creek: Season Three (invalid)
Friends: Season 1 (invalid)
I Saw the Light (confirmed by greyghost)
The Limey (invalid)
Watchmen (the series) (confirmed by marcelb7)
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