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Common Name for Richard (S.) Castellano
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Trying to find the Common name for Actor Richard (S.) Castellano"...

First of all, there are two Richard Castellano out there - the IMDB lists them as follows:
- Richard S. Castellano (1933-1988)
- Richard C. Castellano (1954), whose only apperance in DVDP-database is for the film Analyze This, where he is credited as "Richard Castellano"

- Richard Castellano: 12/102
- Richard S. Castellano: 31/66 (most of them wrong, since most of them are versions of The Godfather, where he is credited as "Richard Castellano".
- Richard C. Castellano: 7/29 (all Profiles are wrong: most of them are for the movie Analyze This where he is credited as "Richard Castellano" and the remaining two profiles are wrong, since in Honor Thy Father appears "Richard S. Castellano" and in Scarface no "Richard Castellano" is credited at all.)

For Richard Castellano (1933) the following titles are confirmed by now:

Richard Castellano (5):
The Godfather (confirmed by myself - including the restorated version)
A Fine Madness (confirmed by ateo357)
The Star Wagon (confirmed by ateo357)
Lovers and Other Strangers (confirmed by myself)
The Best of Dean Martin Show - Volume 6 (Disc 3) (confirmed by mackay_tt)

Richard S. Castellano (2):
Incident on a Dark Street (confirmed by SoylentDave)
Honor Thy Father (confirmed by ateo357)

not confirmed by now (2)
Tres habitaciones en Manhattan (Trois chambres à Manhattan)
Bonus Materials for The Godfather (at least on my Bonus DVD there are no credits at all, which would invalidate the credits.)

The Godfather II - does not appear in this movie
The Godfather III - does not appear in this movie

Bottomline: Since the common name for both, Richard S. Castellano and Richard C. Castellano, is Richard Castellano we need birth years to distinguish them, which are documented here
Complete list of Common Names  •  A good point for starting with Headshots (and v11.1)
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