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Common name for Jack Marta / Jack A. Marta
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This is the common name thread for Director of Photography / cinematographer Jack Marta / Jack A. Marta
"Jack Marta" is credited in the following 79 titles (122 profiles)
"Jack A. Marta" is credited in the following 56 titles (91 profiles)

Jack Marta (43 confirmed, 9 unconfirmed, 2 invalid):
Rough Riders Round-Up (confirmed by ninso4)
Colorado (confirmed by ninso4)
Robin Hood of the Pecos (confirmed by ninso4)
Bells of San Angelo (confirmed by ninso4)
Under California Stars (confirmed by ninso4)
Dakota (confirmed by ninso4)
Dark Command (confirmed by ninso4)
In Old California (confirmed by ninso4)
Alamo / The Last Command (confirmed by ninso4)
Angel Baby
Apache Rose (confirmed by ninso4)
Batman: Season 1
Billy Jack Goes to Washington (confirmed by ninso4)
The Bonnie Parker Story
Cat Ballou (confirmed by ninso4)
The Birdmen
The Yellow Rose of Texas (confirmed by ninso4)
Red River Valley (confirmed by ninso4)
Ghost-Town Gold (confirmed by ninso4)
Springtime in the Sierras (confirmed by ninso4)
Wall Street Cowboy
Ridin’ Down the Canyon (confirmed by ninso4)
Down Mexico Way
Earth vs. the Spider (confirmed by ninso4)
War of the Colossal Beast (confirmed by ninso4)
Emergency: Season 1
Eyes of Texas (confirmed by ninso4)
Flying Tigers (confirmed by ninso4)
Harmony Lane (confirmed by ninso4)
Hearts in Bondage (confirmed by ninso4)
Manhattan Merry-Go-Round (confirmed by ninso4)
In Old Amarillo (confirmed by ninso4)
West of the Badlands (confirmed by ninso4)
Heart of the Golden West (confirmed by ninso4)
The Gay Ranchero (confirmed by ninso4)
The Far Frontier (confirmed by ninso4)
Lisbon (confirmed by ninso4)
A Man Betrayed / Wheel of Fortune
The Mandarin Mystery (confirmed by ninso4)
Beginning of the End (confirmed by ninso4)
The Night Riders (confirmed by ninso4)
Plaza Suite (confirmed by ninso4)
The Rat Patrol: Season 1
Red River Range (confirmed by ninso4)
The Shanghai Story (confirmed by ninso4)
Spoilers of the Plains (confirmed buy ninso4)
Torture Ship
War of the Wildcats (confirmed by ninso4)
Bill and Coo (confirmed by ninso4)
Southward Ho! (confirmed by ninso4)
The Bold Caballero (confirmed by ninso4)
Hit the Saddle (confirmed by ninso4)
Saga of Death Valley (confirmed by ninso4)

Jack A. Marta (1 confirmed, 32 unconfirmed, 15 invalid):
Montana Bell
The Bold Caballero
The Bonnie Parker Story
Cat Ballou
Duel (confirmed by ninso4)
Ridin’ Down the Canyon
Hit the Saddle
Robin Hood of the Pecos
Southward Ho!
Jubilee Trail
The Far Frontier
Saga of Death Valley
The Gay Ranchero
Rythm of the Saddle
Blue Montana Skies
Sierra Sue
Cowboy Serenade
Heart of the Golden West
Come On Rangers!
In Old Oklahoma
The Maverick Queen
Lady from Louisiana
The Man from Music Mountain
The Master Gunfighter
Night Time in Nevada
North of the Great Divide
Public Cowboy No. 1
Earth vs. the Spider
Range Defender
Red River Valley
Under California Stars
The Green Hornet
Ride, Tenderfoot, Ride
The Riders of the Whistling Skull
On the Old Spanish Trail
Route 66: Season 1
Sagebrush Troubadour
Song of Nevada
South of Caliente
Sunset in the West
Flying Tigers
The Trial of Billy Jack
Trigger, Jr.
Under Western Stars
Walking Tall
Wall Street Cowboy
The Yellow Rose of Texas
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