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Sony Changer CX7000ES Will not Play
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DVD Profiler Desktop and Mobile Registrantmediadogg
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The (once) flagship Sony Blu-Ray player / changer produces stunning video and audio and oh by the way, is also a 400 disc changer.

But recently, as some of you know, the Gracenote support has deteriorated, and now, horror of horrors, I am finding recent BD's that show up as "invalid disc". These discs play in other players, such as my iVid and various PC BD drives. I don't think Sony is publishing any more firmware upgrades for this machine (they still sell for $1000 and up on eBay, but that will change if this keeps happening.)

Today's List:

Passengers:  043395-474184, Disc 3, BD Main Feature
X-Men Apocalypse: 024543-226581, Disc 1, BD Main Feature

DVDFab Passkey and Nero to the rescue, was able to burn clones so that I can use in my machine (whew!  )
Thanks for your support.
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