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Common Name: Jeffrey/Jeff/J.C. Machit (Special Effects)
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Common name finding thread for Special Effects crew Jeffrey/Jeff/J.C. Machit.

Was able to determine the common name, but wanted to post the results for anyone else to use and refer back to. If anyone sees any credit that they know of that I've missed, please feel free to let me know.


Jeffrey C. Machit CLT 4/19 (4 Confirmed)
-Anywhere But Here (Confirmed by Merrik)
-Garfield 2 (Confirmed by Merrik)
-Joe Versus the Volcano (Confirmed by Merrik)
-Magnolia (Confirmed by Merrik)

Jeffrey Machit CLT 7/15 (3 Confirmed)
-Alien Nation (Confirmed by Merrik)
-Child's Play 3 (Confirmed by Merrik)
-Free Willy 2 (Confirmed by Merrik)

J.C. Machit CLT 1/21 (1 Confirmed)
-Lethal Weapon 3 (Confirmed by Merrik)

J. C. Machit CLT 2/46 (1 Confirmed)
-The Mexican (Confirmed by Merrik)

Jeff Machit CLT 1/12 (1 Confirmed)
-The Abyss (Confirmed by Merrik)

0 Unconfirmed Credits

Credit for Magnolia: Header of "Special Effects by f/x concepts, inc."
Special Effects Supervisor: Lou Carlucci
Special Effects Team: Jeffrey C. Machit
I don't know if anyone would have an issue with the word "team" here, so I've made a note of it but have included it in the credits.

Credit for Child's Play 3: Special Effects Crew: Jeffrey Machit
As with the above, I don't know if people would take issue with the word crew (not sure why anyone would, they're all crew), but making a note of it here.

Neither of the above titles currently have him listed in any profiles in the system, so it's also to note, that my including them here would NOT change the common name of Jeffrey C. Machit as that variant would still have 3 credits vs. 2 for Jeffrey Machit.

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