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Who is who: All about James / Jim Coburn
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This is a trial to list all persons in our data base, who are credited as James Coburn or any of its variants. I know there might be errors in this list, but it is a start…

James Coburn (1961): Sound mixer, Actor; aka. James Harrison Coburn IV, James Coburn Jr., Harrison Coburn, James H. Coburn IV, Jim Coburn, James Coburn Jr, James Corurn Jr

Born May 22nd, 1961
Known for: I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With, Landspeed, Escape Under Pressure, Velocity Trap, Falcon Down and many more
Documentation: Homepage, IMDB as James H. Coburn IV, Wikipedia entry of his father (German), NetWorthPost, Common name thread
Remark: Active from the early 1990's until today; son of the well known James Coburn.

• Falcon Down
• Python
• Under Pressure/Escape Under Pressure
• Velocity Trap
• Alien Files
• Black Scorpion: The Television Series: Special Collector's Edition
• Darkdrive
• Deep Core: Die Erde brennt
• Forbidden Warrior
• From Mexico with Love
• Hit and Run
• I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With
• Landspeed
• Landspeed
• Madam
• Python
• The Specials
• Sting of the Black Scorpion
• Velocity Trap
• Velocity Trap

James Coburn (1928): Actor, Writer, Produder, Director; aka. James H. Coburn, Jim Coburn

Born August 31st, 1928 in Laurel, Nebraska, USA; died November 18th, 2002
Known for: Affliction, The Great Escape, Magnificent Seven, Our Man Flint and the sequel, including a great bunch of TV work as his apearance in the series Bonanza and many more.
Documentation: Homepage, Wikipedia, IMDB as James Coburn (I)

Jim Coburn (????): Actor; aka. James Coburn
Known for: Skullduggery, Screwballs, Mark of Cain and more.
Documentation: IMDB as James Coburn (III), Common name thread
Remark: Active from the early 1980's until today - if the IMDb is right...

• Screwballs
• Mark of Cain / Thrillkill
• Skullduggery
Complete list of Common Names  •  A good point for starting with Headshots (and v11.1)
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