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Headshot Master Database v.11
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Some new headshots, many of them corrections and additions out of the latest documented BYs and common names...

Headshots Only

This files includes headshots, which imho are better than the ones included in v11. Why?
- better cropping (head only, but the whole head including most of the hair)
- better contrast (mostly less technical contrast which allows to recognize detail of the face)
- less makeup or role specific applications
- as naked as possible (no shades, no beards, no hats, etc.; but glasses if needed)
- shorter hair, to see the ears and the hairline
- correct birth years (dummies for headshots not availlable, BY overlayed where no other BY needed in the same section - cast/crew)
- correct common names (common name overlayed where common name thread is conclusive)

Amongst many well documented BYs there are fake BYs are included.

For all who are interested in the history of my headshots or the included fake BYs, the above file with the profiles included:
Headshots and Profile (includes the source documentation  - WARNING: if you restore this file with default options, your data base will be overwritten!)

Any feedback welcome...
Complete list of Common Names  •  A good point for starting with Headshots (and v11.1)
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And again, thank you very much!

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