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Connecting cast & crew / crew counts
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This is two ideas in one post! A couple of years ago I came up with the idea to sum up all the cast counts which was done quite fast and made me happy. So now I'd appreciate the same for the crew-members. It is much easier than counting them manually ;-)

The other thing - if even possible - might be much more complicated!

I know so far there are two sections for persons in the database: One for cast and one for crew!

But is there any chance to merge/combine them? It's fact that there are a load of actors who also did a job as director, sometimes as writer or as (executive) producer. But if you click on the actor you don't see anything of his crew-activity. So if you want to know if he/she even did any kind of a crew-job, you have to search the crew-section separately.

For me it would make researches so much easier, if there is any chance to combine/merge the sections of cast and crew of the database. And then one doubleclick would say for example:

Quentin Tarantino

Actor in
From Dusk Til Dawn
The Hateful 8

Director of
One Upon A Time in Hollywood
Inglorious Basterds

Writer for
Kill Bill

Editor for
Reservoir dogs...

and so on.

Tarantino did so many different things, and if you think he is the only one, just check out William Shatner or Ben Affleck.

Imo the combination of bose parts of the DB would show so much more of the versatily of some of the guys.

What would you think about this? Or is there allready any feature I only don't know?
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