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Updates and birth years
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar ContributorMagmadrag
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Well, a while ago "someone" (don't remember who it was) checked my database and found out that I have a load of birth years in my DB which are not part of invelos. Well, for some it is correct for me (a long story to explain) but most of them came up with any update.

Now the problem is (I remember that I have read this anywhere a while ago but couldn't find it anymore) that the update doesn't work correctly to change them and it would be (too!) much work to check and modify manually!

E. g. I got a "John Smith (1954)" in my database. The update tells me that this actor is wrong and shows me the correct "John Smith" (w/o birtyear). But alltough I accept the update, persons WITH by aren't replaced by persons W/O by! Only if there would a replacement - for this example - by a "John Smith (1945)" then it works. So if this feature could be implemented in the updates, it would avoid a lot of work and it would clean countless databases. And additionally it would offer me a check if there is any need to ask for this and that birthyear become part of the database for separation of different people!
DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantStar ContributorGSyren
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The birthyear system is flawed. But it's not as easy as letting an update remove a birthyear if the contribution does not have a birthyear. That would just reverse the problem; valid birthyears could be removed by contributions that lack the birthyear. It would take a more radical redesign of the birthyear system to fix the problem.

Ken Cole has been inactive for quite a long time. We all would love to see him "return to active duty", but it seems less and less likely the longer he is missing. So we will most likely just have to deal with the system as it is.

That said, there is something you can do. My program CastCrewQuery has a feature that lets you identify names with birthyears that are not found in the semiofficial birthyear list. Here's what you need to do:
- Export your collection to an XML file.
- Load it in CastCrewQuery.
- Select the BY check tab. This will show you all names in your collection that has birth years.
- Click Check against BY list.

The result will be a list of the names that are not found in the birthyear list, and therefore most likely are incorrect.

Note that it doesn't guarantee that all your birthyears are correct. You can still have a name that requires birthyear, but has the wrong one. But you will most certainly have a more correct collection when you have fixed the listed names.
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