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I only have the Australian DVD of The Fifth Element in my collection. The credits are in French and the title is in fact in French too. No mention of The Fifth Element in the actual credits. On the DVD cover only.

References like https://www.festival-cannes.com/en/films/le-cinquieme-element points LE CINQUIEME ELEMENT as the main title with the English translation between brackets. On the other hand https://www.premiere.fr/film/Le-Cinquieme-Element mentions The Fifth Element as original title (Titre original).

Wikipedia and IMDb name both titles as being the original title.

Being a French production I tend to use Le Cinquième élément as the original title. Moreover in the country of origin, France in this case, it is titled as Le Cinquième élément. Internationally the title has been adapted to The Fifth Element or in the local language. It's not that different from an American production being released under a French title in Francophone countries.
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