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Is an Ultra HD Blu-ray with an included Blu-ray that just contains special features but not the film a combo?

For example the new "Suspiria" Ultra HD Blu-ray release by Synapse (654930-321294) or "13 Hours" (032429-317179).
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"4K Ultra HD", "Ultra HD" or "UHD" just describe the resolution (3840×2160). If we use those we would have to change all "Blu-ray"s to "HD" or "Full HD" or "FHD" and "DVD"s to "SD".

The medium itself is an Ultra HD Blu-ray: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultra_HD_Blu-ray
Like the Blu-ray (Disc) or the DVD.

If we want to do it similar to the mentioned poll, it has to be "4K Ultra HD Blu-ray", "Ultra HD Blu-ray" or "UHD Blu-ray".
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