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Quoting rdodolak:
Not sure I'm following, are you referring to the Edition field?

Yes, but I found out tonight that it was an "OE"! [operator error]

There are two buttons to the left of the field, which I thought were only 'pretty icons', and not action buttons, and it seems that somehow I had pressed on of these buttons canceling the action of the box.

SO... everything is working correctly now!

Thanks for the reply!
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OK I tried to do a repair install and the "Edition" drop down was not repopulated?
I also tried to run a "Restore Menu" in the tools.
I am still looking for a fix other than a full reinstall!
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After an update to my database a few weeks ago, my "Title:''Other''" drop down has been cleared of all entries when adding new discs? It's like one of the updates may of had a bad or corrupted entry in that field.
The discs that already had something assigned to that field has kept their entries? 
So it is only affecting the field where you would add new things like: Target Special Edition; 3 Disc; SteelBox;;; manual entries in this field are not being saved for future use either?
Is there a single file that I need to copy back into the programs directory or does DVDProfiler allow for a ''Repair Install''.
Since the last time I had to do a full reinstall on a new computer from a backup database many custom covers did not recover correctly and it took me close to six months to correct entries.
My DB has close to 5100 entries currently.
Topic Replies: 3, Topic Views: 1383
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