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The Thumbnail view issue with iOS 9.3.5 appears resolved. Thanks!
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Still happening with DVD Profiiler for Android version 4.0.0, build 75.

Yup, every time I do a database sync from PC to the Android app, my "Auto" Media Banners get lost, and I'm having to generate the banners again by turning them all "On" or all "Off" and then setting them back to "Auto" again.
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He's gone again. His last post was September 16th - two months ago. My support requests are sitting in queue, and the iOS version has some nagging issues. I hope he is alright. Maybe he simply went away on vacation and nothing serious.
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I think it's a bug in the lastest DVD Profiler iOS version 4.0 & 4.01 interacting with iOS 9.3.5, which is as far as some older Apple devices will allow.

Try un-installing, re-installing, synching your collection again, but NEVER selecting Thumbnail cover view - otherwise you'll probably freeze your app, needing a re-install.

I hope there are plans to fix this in the next iOS app release.
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The various device models and versions of iOS probably have different screen resolution maximums. The app needs to scale itself to compensate. I suspect the thumbnail layout is pushing display outputs larger than my iPod 5th Generation screen and iOS 9.3.5 are capable of rendering, causing a the crash when I enter that collection layout.  I've seen similar crashes with other apps and games which were coded for the newest Apple models but incompatible on the older hardware.
Topic Replies: 74, Topic Views: 2423
Is the shared IP and port info showing on the bottom of your DVD Profiler desktop app? Does it match what is on your mobile device settings?
Topic Replies: 14, Topic Views: 2058
Is your Windows version updated to 4.00?
Topic Replies: 14, Topic Views: 2058
Did you update both iOS and Desktop app to version 4?
You may need to uninstall and re-install the iOS app and do a full database sync from desktop version 4.
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Running 4.01 on iOS 9.3.5 iPod Touch 5. Trying to load the Thumbnail view of covers is still crashing the app. Grrrr...
Topic Replies: 74, Topic Views: 2423
Running 4.0 on iOS 9.3.5 iPod Touch 5. I can load the app, but it is frozen on Collection main menu and cannot select any collections or items on the bottom bar.

I completely deleted the app off my device and re-installed it from the app store - then did a full Database update sync from DVD Profiler 4.0 Windows desktop app - and it was working.

But then I switched to full Thumbnail view of my collection - and it's freezing and crashing the entire app, not letting me do anything further.
Topic Replies: 74, Topic Views: 2423
The site was down but it appears back now.
I've bought a new computer so plan on capturing images off Blu-ray discs soon.
Topic Replies: 724, Topic Views: 29069
Thanks for all the screenshots fz. I'd like to start doing them again, but grabbing Blu-ray images on my 2003 Windows XP machine isn't much fun.
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