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I'll wait to upgrade to iOS 12 until this is fixed. Ken took several months to fix the sort last time when iOS 11 came out.
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Try changing your collection to a Public Network instead of a Private and it might allow for sync transfers; that seemed to help mine.

From the Desktop version: Tools --> Options --> Sharing --> check off "Grant Access to Any computer (including those on the Internet)" 

See if that works for you. If not, then change it back just for the sake of security I guess.
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I can't believe some of the members on this board trying to interfere with others' efforts, just because it doesn't interest you. I don't see the point of all the Common Name threads in the contribution forum.
For those of us collecting screenshots from this images site, it's useful to see what has been added.
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When I'm previewing what info gets updated for a particular profile, and I see there is new box set info, I am taking the checkbox off the Box Set Contents before running the update, but the child profiles are still appearing.
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After running updates, I do a sort by "Last Edited" and can see which Child Profiles have auto-added themselves to my parent disc profiles without my approval.
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Maybe I'm missing something, but Child Profiles keep getting added when I'm running Updates from the database, even though I've de-selected Box Set Contents from being included the update. Weird.
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Happy collecting everybody!

2018 DVDs / Blu-rays / 4Ks purchased 2018

  Santa Stole Our Dog!  1/2/2018
  Black Sabbath [1963]  1/2/2018
  The Last Laugh  1/4/2018
  It [Stephen King 2017]  1/9/2018
  Blade Runner 2049: 3D  1/16/2018
  Yor: The Hunter from the Future  1/21/2018
  Opera [Dario Argento]  1/23/2018
  Jigsaw [Saw VIII]  1/23/2018
  Uncle Nick  1/25/2018
  Asylum  1/26/2018
  And Now The Screaming Starts  1/26/2018
  The Beast Mus Die!  1/26/2018
  The Vault of Amicus  1/26/2018

  Absolute Beginners  2/13/2018
  American Buffalo  2/13/2018
  Hellraiser: Judgment  2/17/2018
  The Echo  2/20/2018
  Doctor Who: Twice Upon A Time  2/20/2018
  Saludos Amigos  2/22/2018
  The Three Caballeros  2/22/2018
  Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III  2/22/2018
  Victor Crowley (Hatchet IV)  2/22/2018
  Amityville: The Awakening  2/26/2018

  The Lost Room  3/2/2018
  The Premature Burial  3/9/2018
  The Oblong Box  3/9/2018
  Justice League: 3D  3/15/2018
  Harlock: Space Pirate: 3D  3/22/2018
  Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi  3/27/2018

  The Sect  4/3/2018
  Insidious: The Last Key  4/13/2018
  Star Wars: Episode VIII: The Last Jedi 3D  4/20/2018
  The Maze: 3D  4/23/2018

  Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle: 3D  5/21/2018
  The House on Sorority Row  5/22/2018
  Savannah Smiles  5/23/2018
  Coco: 3D  5/24/2018

  A Wrinkle in Time [2018]  6/6/2018
  The House That Dripped Blood  6/8/2018
  South Park: Season 21  6/8/2018
  Death Ship: Remastered  6/11/2018
  Winchester  6/20/2018
  Now You See Me  6/20/2018

  Now You See Me 2  7/03/2018
  The Martian Chronicles  7/03/2018
  Killer Klowns from Outer Space  7/11/2018
  The Church  7/11/2018
  The Unseen  7/11/2018
  Urban Legend  7/25/2018
  Supergirl  7/25/2018
  Ready Player One: 3D  7/30/2018
  Pooh's Grand Adventure  7/30/2018
  Piglet's Big Movie  7/30/2018

  Annabelle: Creation  8/15/2018
  The Changeling [1980]  8/15/2018
  The Tingler  8/28/2018
  Terminator 2: Judgment Day  8/28/2018
  Candyman 2: Farewell to the Flesh  8/28/2018

  Creature from the Black Lagoon: Legacy Collection  9/10/2018
  Brainscan  9/10/2018
  10 Cloverfield Lane  9/18/2018
  The Visit  9/18/2018

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[deleted - I thought this was the 2018 purchased list]
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The Thumbnail view issue with iOS 9.3.5 appears resolved. Thanks!
Topic Replies: 87, Topic Views: 7334
Still happening with DVD Profiiler for Android version 4.0.0, build 75.

Yup, every time I do a database sync from PC to the Android app, my "Auto" Media Banners get lost, and I'm having to generate the banners again by turning them all "On" or all "Off" and then setting them back to "Auto" again.
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He's gone again. His last post was September 16th - two months ago. My support requests are sitting in queue, and the iOS version has some nagging issues. I hope he is alright. Maybe he simply went away on vacation and nothing serious.
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I think it's a bug in the lastest DVD Profiler iOS version 4.0 & 4.01 interacting with iOS 9.3.5, which is as far as some older Apple devices will allow.

Try un-installing, re-installing, synching your collection again, but NEVER selecting Thumbnail cover view - otherwise you'll probably freeze your app, needing a re-install.

I hope there are plans to fix this in the next iOS app release.
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The various device models and versions of iOS probably have different screen resolution maximums. The app needs to scale itself to compensate. I suspect the thumbnail layout is pushing display outputs larger than my iPod 5th Generation screen and iOS 9.3.5 are capable of rendering, causing a the crash when I enter that collection layout.  I've seen similar crashes with other apps and games which were coded for the newest Apple models but incompatible on the older hardware.
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Is the shared IP and port info showing on the bottom of your DVD Profiler desktop app? Does it match what is on your mobile device settings?
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Is your Windows version updated to 4.00?
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