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I just looked on Amazon and I saw 2 different listings for the Director's Cut BD. The standard case was about $13 and the digibook was about $62. Both listings clearly show their respective cases. My guess is that if you got it for $9.99, then it's most likely the standard case version
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I don't have this set, but according to blu-ray.com, it does contain The Matrix Revisited. It should be on Disc 1 of the set. Below is the section from that site, bolding by me.

Disc 1:
-Audio Commentaries - Featuring effects artists Zach Staenberg and John Gaeta, actress Carrie Anne Moss, and a music only track featuring composer Don Davis.
-"The Music Revisited" - A collection of every single audio cue from the film. Awesome.
-"The Matrix Revisited" - An in-depth two hour documentary on the making of the original film. This was also included on the original DVD release of The Matrix.
-"Take the Red Pill"
-"Follow the White Rabbit"- Both of these features were early examples of DVD interactivity that are included for posterity.
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I finally have an update to this ancient thread. The book that I was supposed to be a character in, Meg: Nightstalkers, was released about 2 years ago. After several attempts, I was never able to get in touch with the author about my character, so I was not in it.

However, I have recently been in steady communication with the author. He has confirmed that I will be in the next entry in series, titled Meg: Generations.    He is currently working on finishing this novel, with an expected June publishing date. He is taking a different route with this book...he's ONLY making it available directly thru his website, and only by pre-ordering it. He wanted to make this book for his longtime fans. So, the hardback book not be available thru Amazon or any other book retailer (although a Kindle version will be available).

As for a movie update, The Meg (starring Jason Statham) is due out on August 10. The first trailer for it should be released next week with Rampage, also a WB title.
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Aside from an uninstall/reinstall, I'm not sure. I have a Galaxy S8 that I updated from Android 7 to 8 this morning, and DVDPro is still working fine after the update.
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I have it installed on my wife's Android tablet (an ASUS Transformer). I synced via wifi, so I don't know how simple/quick it is via USB. I really only installed it on her tablet to test an older beta. I don't think she's used the tablet in over a year. If she used it more often, I would re-sync it so she'd have an updated version of the database, but she doesn't.
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Quoting mediadogg:
Apologies to iPasta and Eagle. This thread got replaced by a duplicate that got pinned. So I re-posted my stuff over there.

No worries, it happens. 
I noticed in your list in the new thread the note to stay until the main credits roll in Black Panther. That should be adjusted to say stay until the very end of the credits. Black Panther has both a mid-credit scene and a post-credit scene
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1/27 - The Death Cure
2/11 - Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
2/20 - Black Panther (free screening)
3/01 - Black Panther
3/06 - Tomb Raider (IMAX - advance screening)
3/25 - Pacific Rim: Uprising (3D IMAX)
4/03 - Ready Player One (3D)
4/07 - A Quiet Place
4/28 - Avengers: Infinity War
5/13 - Breaking In
5/17 - Deadpool 2
5/24 - Solo: A Star Wars Story
6/06 - Incredibles 2 (IMAX - advance screening)
6/24 - Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
7/05 - Ant-Man and the Wasp

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2016 visits: 19
2015 visits: 24
2014 visits: 17
2013 visits: 26
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I agree with mediadogg...the grammar with a) is better
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Reserving a spot

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2016 visits: 19
2015 visits: 24
2014 visits: 17
2013 visits: 26
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1/05 - The Sixth Sense
1/20 - The Maze Runner
1/21 - The Scorch Trials
1/26 - Wonder Woman
1/27 - Clue
3/03 - Coco
3/08 - Thor: Ragnarok
3/24 - Pacific Rim
3/30 - Pitch Perfect 3
4/14 - Star Wars: The Last Jedi
4/20 - The Greatest Showman
5/05 - The Death Cure
5/18 - War for the Planet of the Apes
5/25 - The Incredibles
6/02 - Panic Room
6/15 - Monty Python and the Holy Grail
6/17 - Little Shop of Horrors
6/22 - Jurassic World
6/24 - Clerks
6/27 - Aliens
7/06 - Arthur Christmas
7/18 - Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

2/17 - Stranger Things (S1 E1-3)
2/18 - Stranger Things (S1 E4-5)
2/23 - Stranger Things (S1 E6-8)
6/29 - Lost (S1 E1-2)
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I don't have The LEGO Batman Movie (yet), but I do have The LEGO Movie and it has LEGO in all caps. Given how uptight LEGO is about making sure it's always capitalized, I find it hard to believe that either movie uses "Lego" on these movies. More than likely, the use of "Lego" comes from the initial contributor using standard capitalization rules. To me, the proper titles should be: The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Batman Movie.
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Quoting Addicted2DVD:
Since the Digital Copy is a check box in the features.... and the box set rules say features go to the child profiles not the parent... I would say that is how we do it.

I agree with this
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Quoting TheMadMartian:
Quoting nuoyaxin:
I think one factor for a Musical is, that he songs are plot related, almost replacing dialog for 5 minutes. So, things like Blues Brothers are not Musical (although Music could be argued here) and neither is Dirty Dancing (to my knowledge, I have never seen it).

So, if it was me, I would classify as follows:

Dirty Dancing neither
Moulin Rouge! Musical
Walk the Line maybe Music, nit Musical
The Blues Brothers not Musical, but maybe Music
Blues Brothers 2000 not Musical, but maybe Music
Ray Music
The Blues Brothers Double Feature not Musical, but maybe Music
American Dreamz don't know about this one
A Mighty Wind don't know about this one
Footloose neither
The Wedding Singer neither (just a guy singing at weddings doesn't make a Musical)
Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit: don't know about this one

I agree with all of this, though I will add that Sister Act 2 is similar to The Wedding Singer.  The movie is about a choir and the singing is them performing, not replacing dialogue.

I agree with all of this
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Good question, and I'm not if it can be done as a gift. Worst case, you could always buy a Google Play gift card for the person and they could use that to pay for the app.
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I just ran my first sync since July, and other than having to change the IP address (again), it ran smoothly and synced completely in less than a minute. Both my main program and app are the latest versions. I have noticed the IP address in the main program changes every few months, and if I don't catch it, it leads to sync issues in the app.
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There up to 6 of these already? Wow!

I also agree with T!M on how I'd handle it.
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Quoting 69samael69:
Out of curiosity, has the user base shrunk? I've notice the last year or so that I've been getting a lot more content that I have to enter myself, especially for box sets and collections. Maybe I'm just unlucky.

I've noticed it as well. But, then again, my free time has seemed to disappear over the past year or so as well. Not only do I not have time to contribute, but it's also taking me several weeks just to simply enter new purchases into the program (something that I used to do on day or purchase). Others may very well be in a similar situation to mine.
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I agree with T!M and surfeur51. I've been using 4.0 since the beta first came out and it is working fine for me
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Quoting kd5:
Ahh.  Thanks for that.  When the contibution makes it through the system, I'll update the profile I created, I was starting to get concerned no one was buying the DVD versions anymore, I had my copy in hand, actually started watching it already, but couldn't enter it into DVD Profiler.  It's hell not being able to add it into my collection...

I've always bought The Walking Dead on DVD instead of BD, as I do with all TV series that I buy. I usually wait until around the Black Friday time-frame, however, as that's when they tend to be half off (or more). This show has always carried a high price tag, so I can wait until it's more affordable. It's nice to know that I'll be able to download full profiles once I do buy it, so thank you! 
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Unless I'm missing something (which is entirely possible), I don't think the app has a renumbering function like the desktop version. It looks like a manual renumbering is the only way to do it within the app. I can imagine that becomes far too cumbersome to do with a sizeable database.
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Quoting maschinenstuermer:
One last question regarding the app. Is there a function where I can re-number my collection. If I want to give a new entry another number than the suggested?

Yes, you can. Go in to the profile you want in the app, then click on the pencil (edit) icon at the top. You can change the collection # from there.
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