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For me it's a matter of simple principles:

1) Don't make changes to an existing profile unless you are reasonably certain that they are correct.
2) Document the reason for the changes.

This should apply regardless of if you make these changes alone, or if you copy data wholesale from another profile.
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Let me be more specific.

One of these contribution removes two costume designers. If this change was done "manually" I would have expected an explanation as to why they should not be credited. Here I get nothing, just "cast and crew copied from ...".

Another contribution changes Ian Flemings credit on For Your Eyes Only from OCB to OMB. Again, if this was done "manually" I would have expected a reason for the change. Here I get none.

I am not saying that either of these changes necessarily are wrong. I just feel that exchanging one approved profile's cast and crew from another approved profile's without explanation feels wrong to me.
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Tools/Options/Display uncheck Auto-expand box sets
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I don't like it when cast and crew is copied from one profile to another. When it comes to new profiles I accept it, even though I would prefer that the contributor actually checked the credits.

Recently I have seen a bunch of contributions that replace existing cast and crew with cast and crew from another profile. It seems to be primarily in order to introduce group dividers into the crew. While I dislike crew group dividers, I accept them.

However, at the same time these contributions often make other changes, like changing or removing crew credits, changing or adding common names. All this is done without any explanation, and that bothers me. I'm sure this is done in good faith, but the fact that the new data has group dividers does not guarantee that it is more correct than the old data in other aspects.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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Version 1.1.0:

I realized that it would be useful to be able to reorder tasks within an event, so I have implemented that.
See the help file.
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Quoting eommen:
unless a constituent disc has its own casing and covers saying it is an edition of sorts, I do not think a child profile should carry over the edition from the parent.

That's my opinion, too.
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AsinInfo 1.5.3:

DJ Doena just provided me with an updated DLL for accessing Amazon, so this should fix the problem with getting errrors from Amazon.
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Version 1.0.1:
- Changed so events are saved whenever they are created/edited/deleted.

There's really no reason to poke at the file with the saved events, but just in case your curious as to where it is stored, it is in
C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Gunnar Syrén\DvdpScheduler
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I just realized that there is a small problem.

Events are supposed to be saved when the program exits, but that doesn't happen when the program is closed by Windows closing. That will be fixed. Until then, if you make any additions or changes, you might want to close and restart the program to be on the safe side.

You never know when Microsoft might decide to send out an update that reboots your PC ... 
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What's that lurking in my system tray?

Why, it's DvdpScheduler!

It's the tool that ensures that I keep everything updated on a regular schedule.
You can try it too! I think you'll like it.

Get version 1.0.0 here.
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Quoting CTbrthrhd:
Is anyone else just recently getting an error stating the following when trying to convert:

"The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request."

Yes, I'm getting it too, in AsinInfo (which is built on DJ's DLL).
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I guess I do have a big mouth, because I could chew what I bit off 

DvdpScheduler is ready for inhouse testing. It may need some spit and polish, but but basically it seems to be doing what I intended it to do, knock on wood.

If anyone is curious about it, you can download the preliminary help file.

I'll post a thread in the Plugins forum if and when I think it's fit for public consumption.
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Quoting mediadogg:
Sounds good. Let's get some more cool plugins from another author! 

I second that! 
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Sounds like a plan! 
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Quoting mediadogg:
Now if there were a way to send DVDP a command directly, without using virtual keystrokes such as  AutoIT ... stay tuned.    It is in testing.

Well, that sounds really interesting!

My plan for DvdpScheduler is to use AutoIt and command files. But I would do away with that and update my program in a heartbeat if I could send commands directly.

Of course, there is still no guarantee that I'll finish DvdpScheduler. There may be obstacles that I am not sure that I can overcome. We'll see.
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Another little tidbit, this time how the main window can look with two events configured.

They contain no tasks. Adding tasks to events is not implemented yet. Neither is the actual scheduling, or the running of tasks. Lots of things to do still - if I don't get bored and give up.

Got 3 greenies for my original post. That's nice, but unfortunately I don't know if they mean that that idea is good, or just that the post was entertaining. I guess I'll have to assume the latter. Don't be shy! 
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I usually start my projects by designing the user interface, with just a general idea of how to implement the code behind it. Right now I'm still into the GUI phase, so I haven't given too much thought about how to implement the scheduler.

I was expecting to have to write my own. I hadn't really considered that there might be an API. Now that I know, I shall certainly look into it. Many thanks for pointing it out to me.
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Sometimes a simple idea gets out of hand, just because I start thinking "Wouldn't it be neat if it could also ..." and then one thing leads to another. The program I'm working on right now is a case in point.

It all started with a very simple idea. Write a small program that runs an export of my collection during the night, so every day starts with an up-to-date export file. A couple of hours work, tops. But could I let it go at that? Oh, no! I got an idea, and then ...

- Might be good to be able to specify the time to run the export.
- Oh wait, it would be good to run a backup while I sleep, too.
- But I don't want to run backups every night, do I?
- Let's make it Run every n days/weeks/months. Why limit myself?
- Hey, there are other things that you can do on a schedule. Let's think
- Oh, upload collection to my online collection.
- Refresh profiles? Well, that would only work if I accept all updates. That's a no go.
- Actually, I should be able to run any Profiler command file that I have created.
- Run any program? That could be done by the regular Windows scheduler, but why not?

So then comes the next flash of inspiration. One might want to run several things in succession. Sure, that could be done by scheduling several tasks just a few minutes apart. But that's error prone, especially if you need to change it to another time.
I know - I could group tasks together in an event, and just schedule the event, not the individual tasks.

So that's one scheduler containing one or more events, and each event containing one or more tasks.

All right! Done with ideas? Sure! No wait ...
- I could start DVD Profiler if it is not already running.
- I could exit Profiler when the event is complete.
- Hm, I might need to pause a while after some tasks, like starting Profiler, just to make sure things are ready.
- And there are most likely some things that could be done that I haven't considered, so let's set up a custom field where one can enter AutoIt keystrokes.

Sigh! The "couple of hours" project just escalated into God knows how many hours.
And at this point the dreaded thought pops into my head "Can I even do this?"
Yeah, dreaded, because once that thought has been thought, the only answer is "I won't know until I try"
And there is no escape after that. 

So, will this project ever come to fruition? Only time will tell. There are around 700 unwatched movies in my collection competing for my time. 

In the meantime, here is a screenshot from my Visual Studio showing the current design for the task editor.

Only some of the fields would be shown at any one time, depending on which task type was selected.

Is this whole project a good idea or a massive waste of time? Feel free to let me know.
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A bit long, but not unheard of. I wouldn't worry too much.
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Quoting T!M:
I've fixed it for you - I've submitted a contribution changing this to 'Salem's Lot'. There's nothing strange going on here, except the profile used the wrong kind of apostrophe. Invelos's title capitalization filter only works with the ' but not with ’ - and it's the latter character that was used in the title of that profile. Once you correct that to the normal apostrophe, it all works as it should.

Isn't the fact that you actually made a change that wasn't just capitalization the reason that the contribution could be made, rather that it being the wrong apostrophy?
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TmdbTvShowCheck can now work together with EpisodeCheck!

See this post!
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EpisodeCheck + TmdbTvShowCheck = True!

Sorry that the video is a bit fuzzy, bit it shows how quick and easy it is to import episode data into EpisodeCheck with the help of TmdbTvShowCheck.

Initially I had planned to include the functionality for getting episode data directly into EpisodeCheck, but then I realized it would be much easier to just make the two programs work together.

You'll need to update both programs. EpisodeCheck 1.8.0 and TmdbTvShowCheck 1.4.0.
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No comments (just one greenie), so I guess the improved showcase is not something that I need to put any work into. Not totally unexpected, but a little disappointing. So this test is now abandoned. 
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A taste of things to come - maybe

WhenI try something that's new to me in programming - new techniques, new components, etc - I often write a small test project to see if it works and is suitable for whatever I have in mind. These test projects usually gets scrapped when I am done.

I wasn't pleased with the Showcase tab in ProfilerQuery, but at the time I didn't know how to make it more like the Showcase in iOS Profiler for iPad. But recently I found a component that seemed to fit the bill. So I wrote a test program.

But when I was done I thought "Yeah, that's nice, but it over 1000 lines of code. ProfilerQuery is already complicated. Do I really want to add all this. And it's a fair bit of work adapting the test code into PQ."

So I thought I'd let you have a say. Here's how the test program looks right now:

You can scroll through the entire collection. You can set watched titles to be faded (I got that idea from Letterboxd). You can select to show unwatched titles only. You can double click to go to the title in DVD Profiler. You can right click to select Properties:

Want to try it for yourself? Here it is.

As it stands, you don't have a whole lot of options to select profiles. You can load flags from DVD Profiler, so you can run queries in ProfilerQuery, save the result as flags, and then load them in this program. It would obviously be a lot easier to have it inside ProfilerQuery.

I currently still consider DvdpShowcase a test program. I offer no support for it, and no promise of any further development.

Do you think that this functionality should be incorporated into ProfilerQuery? If so, let me know!
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ProfilerQuery 3.32.0
Two minor enhancements:
- Export files can now be dragged and dropped into ProfilerQuery to open them.
- The Tools menu has a new menu item: Export collection.

If you use ProfilerQuery regularly, you have probably created a command file to help export your collection. If you haven't, see the ProfilerQuery help file for instructions. It's easy.

Now it is even easier to export your collection. You just have to specify your command file in the Settings in ProfilerQuery, and then you can just select Tools/Export collection and ProfilerQuery will send the necessary keystrokes to DVD Profiler to run your command file.

NOTE: If you are using a translated version of DVD Profiler, there are a couple of registry entries that need to be modified.
PM me and tell me which translation you are using, and I'll help you fix it.
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