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I bought DVD Profiler for Android version 4.0.0 build 75 and I am running it on Android version 10.
I did get a warning about the app may have compatibility issues but i have had not problems.

So far i have entered about 600 dvds into the database out of about 1300 and found one way or another i could enter all bar 3 or 4 dvds, and think it is an excellent app.
Before entering the rest of the dvds i thought i should backup the database but found no apparent way to do so.

I have searched the forum for any way to back up and save the database but i get the impression there is not a way to do so from the app, surely i am wrong?

Even a location of the database files would be of help as i could extract the files from there for storage else where and restore them should the need arise.
Please can some one tell me how i can back up the files in any way?
With many thanks in advance.
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