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For anybody who is collecting stuff they've released you may want to buy it while you can as they've gone out of business.

There can be some NSFW material on this site although this article doesn't contain links to any, but you may want to take care where you open it.


Found a more family friendly site with the news

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I've just downloaded the profiles and the thumbnail works ok for me, so it's not a database or general profiler issue, but something to do with the install on your PC.

You don't indicate anywhere that you've tried the repair database or clean image directories options, so I'd suggest you run those if you haven't already.

If that fails I'd suggest setting up a second database in a different location, preferably a different drive, and downloading those profiles as a test.
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Quoting jmart007:
Quoting ObiKen:
Probably conducted tests to confirm "DVD Profiler Online" was working again after the server crash.
He is, after all, a professional.

Is that why the online profile list hasn’t updated for a couple of days?

It's not confirmed by Invelos but the most likely explanation for why people found that updates that had been accepted were then overwritten on download by the previous profile version.
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Directly not that I'm aware of, but it's worth checking the plugins to see if there's something that allows it.

Otherwise from what I can see you can just import it's xml export into excel if you have that installed or use an online convertor if you don't.

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Quoting mreeder50:
I'm not sure what that means, but it's the only thing I found to offer. I will remove my post.

They're asking if it only works if you have an Amazon tablet as they use their own branded version of Android. I've not tried it myself but as far as I can see from other posts it'll work on normal android devices.
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There isn't anyway to contribute them to the online database, but locally you have two options.

Either create them as a manual profile and enter all the data yourself. Just untick the download profile from Invelos on the add DVD by EAN dialogue.

Or to save entering all the data you can add an existing prfoile, then go to DVD > Change UPC/Locality and tick the Manual ID option. You can then edit the data to match your actual disc.
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Quoting SlimboyFat:

It does seem to be the case.

I can see the point of waiting until release but, for example Last Blood is from 2019

There are multiple entries for the Blu-ray releases which suggests a lot of people who still actively use profiler tend toward HD releases when available. Certainly that's always my preference and I'll pay the premium to import if the UK only gets a dvd release of a title I really want.
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If the numbers missing image you've mentioned match your online collection the common denominator seems to be those are disc id profiles.
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At some point it seems as though part of the download database got corrupted and is causing a mismatch between what we get and what the screeners see. If you look at the online collection profile you'll see it has a cover which won't download.

Getting approval when updating corrupted profiles seems hit and miss.
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Quoting jurgen42u:

I have the version that I got from BOL, it has only a french and an english synopsis, not Dutch. The cover
you see, seems to be a fake one. A 4K cover with Dutch language officially doesn't exist.

I did a contribution this week to change the synopsis, the title into the French title (le dernier duel) and scans of the original and official cover.

Though, I still would like to make a Dutch profile as it's sold here and as the flags of the countries and rating logo's with details are on the front cover.

That makes it more difficult, are the ratings printed as part of the cover or stickers that could have been added by the retailer? In the former I lean towards doing a contribution, but in the latter case I wouldn't.

That's purely an opinion based on rules that aren't really catering for more and more scenarios though so others may not agree.
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Quoting GSyren:

Actually no, the rules say:
For multi-language cases, use only the language of the DVDs locality.

So if it is entered as Dutch locality it should only have the Dutch overview.

Good point, should have refreshed myself on those as I don't enter a lot of multi-languge titles.
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Are you sure it's not officially released? Given it actually has a Dutch overview and ratings on the cover, that would imply it's official as it's clearly being marketed to the Dutch market.

Personally I would enter it as a Dutch release, but arguably the rules require both the French and Dutch synopsis on the profile as the overview is supposed to match exactly what's on the cover.
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A duckduckgo search using the UPC did turn up a single result for ebay and a couple of East Asian sites, but clicking through all returned page not found results.

As for buying through Walmart as it was a third party seller it could still be a pirated version, BUT the reality is nobody can really prove anything either way, so personally I'd leave it in the hands of Invelos to decide whether to accept it or not. Given the program is pretty much on life support it's not going to change anything either way.
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I once picked up a very convincing copy of Stargate Universe Season 2 from a 3rd party seller (from Play before it became Rakuten).

The discs looked legit, with printed images on them, but the things that let it down were the cover, which had a slight blur to it and was printed on thin paper not card stock, the fact it had none of the subtitles that were listed on the cover. But what iniitially made me suspicious was the freezes and skips that kept happening.

What made you suspicious of this title?

I have found a site listing a blu-ray release that's manufactured on demand, with Warner Archives listed as the studio (who do release on demand stuff) which might explain it.

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Quoting The Movieman:
It's impressive that she, unless there were rumors otherwise, kept her wits about her. 96 years old. Amazing.

She was fully mentally fit, but you could see the physical decline after her husband died, she was looking quite frail when she met Liz Truss on her first day as PM.

I'm not a royalist, but she earned her respect.
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P&S has a very specific meaning, that the film is zoomed into and image lost to fit the aspect ratio of the screen, regardless of the impact it has on the film.

Open matte means more of an image was captured at the time of filming than was used in the final version of the film.

Having said that a film being released at 1.85:1 when it was shot open matte is not being done to fit a screen, it's being done (in most cases) because that is the director's vision. You are not losing things that were meant to be seen.

So I don't see why you wouldn't use full frame for the scenarios you've outlined below.
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UK DVD release of Babylon 5 complete collection 7321902209159, various discs from each season no longer play.

Crank 2 5060052417770 UK blu-ray no longer plays

Solomon Kane 5017239151590 UK blu-ray

Gamer 5017239151408 UK blu-ray

Scarecrow Slayer DVD 5060020622335 won't load at all

None of them show any visible signs, just won't work and that's trying multiple standalone and PC based drives.

The Bunker DVD 5034377031188 - slowly failing, my guess is the layer change as the pixellation happens at the same point every time but is slowly getting worse.
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Quoting Michael 666:
Quoting Gamemaster:
I also have a corrupt profile in my database.

I have a similar problem with Wyrmwood Apocalypse (9317731169823) - back cover is corrupted in the online database and two attempts to upload a new cover were declined.

I had this issue with the German Underwater release, but managed to get it fixed. I think part of the problem is even though we can't download it the scan does exist for the screeners (you can see it's unbroken in the small online collection thumbnail).

How different to the 'existing' scans are yours? Mine was an older scan as I hadn't got round to updating the profile before the corrupted scan happened, so it looked quite different.
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The limitations are here:


You lose quite a lot of functions after you add more than 50 dvd's e,g, the ability to export XML, view collection by cast and crew etc...
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