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I'd appreciate to get two new things with one of the next updates:

Movie size "2.00:1" - not existing so far but it seems to be quite popular with several TV-Shows these days

Genre "Mistery" - correct for countless allready existing movies but not available in the profiler so far.

Is it possible to add those two in close future?
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This might only be interesting for German collectors, but helpful comments from others are also welcome!

There is a lot of animation and cartoon stuff around. So no actor, only voices! And only a handful of them credits the german speakers/voices, but most of the times not half of them.

As I am always interested in the "data behind", what means: as much speakers as possible, I check out
to get (more) data.

To explain the site (for the ones who have never heard about it): They collect data from nearly every movie/TV Series they can get and built a database (similar to ours here) with the german voices. I had several conversations with them where they get their data (as sometimes even there I can't find the info I want and need to write mails myself) and got the answer that they're mostly in contact with several companies for Synchronisation.

Maybe someone else does the same I do and I think it's stupid to invent the wheel twice! So if there is a chance to make this site a legal source for profile data, I would appreciate this very much!
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"assign collection number -1, done"

For me this sounds this way: The automatic number e. g. is 6132 so -1 it is 6131 but still a number.
Or does "-1" simply say "delete"?
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I never number box-set-contens and also not child profiles.
As long as the new ones are part of the ordered- or wish-list, they don't have numbers, but moving them to the owned-list, every single profile gets a number.

So my request is the idea to create kind of a checkbox in the settings like:
"[X] Don't number child profiles /box set contents"

Maybe two seperate checkboxes for child profiles and the contents.

The reason why I would like to have this option is that I get boxsets quite often. And after moving them to "owned" I have to check the numbers-box for several profiles. Not only that this quite often feels like wasted time, but still keeping the wrong key on the keyboard, suddenly all profiles above are flagged (and the number of my profiles costs time once again).

I hope that I am not the only one with this issue and maybe there is allready any feature in the options I only didn't recognize so far?

All you collectors: Tell me your opinion about this idea and finally to all the creator's-staff: Let me know if this realization might be possible!

Thankx in advance
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Oh, I know what you mean :-)

The rules are catching up all the profiles.... my other problem always was Wrestling-DVDs. As several wrestlers worked for several companies with different names, I for myself have all of them with their real names and their "in ring name" only as "credited as". It's much easier to find them then.... But that's another thing.

Maybe we could handle this an easy way with a poll in the "Contribution Discussion Forum".
I thought about this way:

If you add any new disc to your collection, you see the list of the database. And if this one would be enhanced by another column with a checkbox for "custom", everyone could chose to download the official profile or the custom one. As there is a chance for preview the choice shouldn't be difficult.

But if the crew here is able to accept an idea like this is the other question....
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I thought about this idea for quite a while as I spent countless hours on doing this for myself. On Sampler-DVDs of Music like "30 Jahre Formel Eins" or "The Old Grey Whistle Test" there are only credited bands - by their bandname. And never any musician.

I for myself have always been a HUGE music fan and always want to know, who actually is part of that band - especially as you find severel musicians in several bands for a while.

Maybe someone else would also be interested in this data. On the top you see a screenshot of a profile how it looks in my database. "Group Start" then all the musicians, credited with the name of the band and then "Group End"

As I have to do lots of researches about timelimes of the bands or line ups, most of this data is from wikipedia, some also from discogs.com - and so there seems to be no way for an official contribution.

So first of all let me know if there is interest in such "unofficial" data, and maybe somebody allready has any suggestions how to share this.

And I am also sure that there is at least one guy wo will write something like "We are not interested in" and thinks he speaks for the whole community.....
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Michael Anthony

Musician of Van Halen (on several Van Halen-DVDs)
born 1954

Actor (Born 1911, died 1998)
played in "The Persuaders" and others

so he can't be the actor playing in "Zoom" as the movie has been filmed in 2008
(next actor-version - and there might be more different ones around)

I am sorry that I can't find any other sources than imdb for the actors, submitted updates with birth year for two movies as I found out this problem with my 1st Van Halen-DVD
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I had and still have several backups, but the only one I am sure that it is correct is the one after that huge control. I saw the difference between profiler and excel quite a while ago but simply didn't have time for this check. So I even can't say when those problems happened. But as soon as the numbers between both lists change I know I did something wrong or something else happened
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I have all the child-profiles without a number. After being through the whole check, 3 profiles were missing but therefore 3 others I deleted years ago were still part of it.
And the most fascinating thing for me: One DVD I own with "that UPC" was part of my collection, but with a totally different UPC. In theory you might say that I didn't find it at that point of time and used a similar version, but I disagree as my standard is: If there is no profile so far, I create one....
I only hope that after three days of check and compare there won't be losses and "re-appearances" like those again.
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I can't describe it another way as it simply looks to be nothing else than that. Why and how this happens, I don't know.
As I list all my discs additionally in Excel, I always have a list to compare the numbers. As the difference between Excel and profiler became bigger and bigger, I started to compare both. On this way meanwhile I found 3 profiles with simply "disappeared" in my profiler and this must have happened at least half a year ago as they aren't in my oldest update anymore. I hope not to find more of them lost but I would like to have any suggestion how I could avoid this for the future.
Actually it is a horrible job to compare both lists with more than 15.000 discs.
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I thought I mentioned this: With "only" front and back I need to re-create a spine to complete a cover. That's why I am asking for support...
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Well, it was a long time decision to do this, but finally I thought it might be an idea...
I've been a wrestling fan for more than 25 years and this way I am a collector, too. Anytime MMA became also part of my collection. Especially as countless shows never have been released on DVD (or BluRay) it was neccessary to design covers myself. There were several good sources around the web, but then there was a time when most of them closed.
As I had a huge load of covers - scans as well as custom creations - I decided to give something back to the community and opened my own coversite: https://wrestlingcoverempire.weebly.com/
When I started more than 7 years ago, allready nearly 300 companies were part of my side, and I had this insane dream to reach the 1.000
I think only someone who has done something similar could imagine the time I spent so far to reach the actually 862 different companies (wrestling as well as MMA) and the more than 14.000 covers
But meanwhile it looks more and more difficult to find anything. Just for your imagination: I spent countless hours in searching Twitter and Facebook and several other sources. Sometimes I found video stores in Japan or elsewhere which show full covers on their sites but they're quite rare or at least difficult to find.
So may I ask you to do me a favour? If you own DVDs of Wrestling and/or MMA which are not shown on my site so far, would you be so kind, scan them for me and send me the full covers? From the database I could get front and back, but then always the spine is missing...
I am not sure if it's allowed to post this, but collecting covers became quite an obsession for me and I'd appreciate YOUR support!
Many many thanks in advance!
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I recognized this a while ago and it might only be a little change as it partially works!
Usually the proram takes away the article for the field "sort title", but this happens only for 2 of 3 (der & das) in german language, but not for the 3rd one "die"
I hope this change doesn't cause too much work
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