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His Last Login also was on the ninth, so he most likely never saw you PMs.
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Quoting rdodolak:
English (British)
English (American)

Like this? 
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Quoting Big Al:
The IOS version of DVD Profiler lists the alaphabet on the right hand side of the thumbnails so you can easily quickly jump to any given letter. Is it possible to get this very useful feature in the desktop version?

Already there. Just click on the list and type away.
Caveat: if you type 'm' and there is a title starting with 'm' nested in a boxset starting with 'c' that title will be selected, not the first top-level one. Solution: type 'matr' to jump to 'The Matrix'
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Quoting GSyren:

2. Even if Ken would surface and start updating Profiler, it will be really hard to find any consensus...

There is ISO/IEC 14651 or at this point just simply switching to Unicode and using the Unicode collation algorithm should/could suffice.
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Quoting AiAustria:
How can you tell?

Add him to your Friends (Beta-Forum is the fastest way to find one of his postings) and then go to my profiler -> Friends and you see "Last forum visit: 8/8/2020 (1 days ago)"
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Quoting CinemaDude:
BUT, before I run out and spend 30 bucks on a scanner

A dedicated UPC-scanner in 2020? Why not simply use a smartphone?
For single titles, buy the DVD Profiler android app[1] and add title by scanning the code, synchronize with PC, done.
For multiple items you can also get a upc scanning app that can output multiple codes as a textfile, send it to your PC and import that into DVD Profiler.

cya, Mithi

[1] or the iOS app, although I don't know if it has the same functionality, but I'd guess yes.
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Quoting sneaks66:
Is there a way to add the collection name to the report title instead of having to customize it every time ?

Had a quick glance at the reports, and there doesn't seem to be a direct way to show the collection.

As I don't have a report with a title: How do they work? Do you use the "Page Header" for that?
If yes you could insert the 'Report Name' as a title. Now end DVD Profiler, go to the reports-folder, simply copy the report as often as necessary. Restart DVD Profiler and adjust the 'Report Name' accordingly.
Not very elegant, but works.
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Quoting GSyren:
If I do a Ctrl-u to unflag,

Ctrl-u is "Unflag All Filtered", use
Shift-Ctrl-u for "Unflag All"

hm, after reading your reply, the problem might be the profile, not the flagging itself.
Does anything show if you go: Collection -> View Flagged...
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@1 - something like

Go to downloads->layouts and search for 'Showroom'. the Original is from Trombomaniac, my version comes up on the second page.

@3 - there is an android app, I have it on my smartphone and my android-mediaplayer.

@5 - I use a custom-collection for all my streaming needs.
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Quoting Magmadrag:
Just found out that I am actually automatically logged out if I leave the site. Altough I always mark "keep me signed in". So imo seems to be a problem with the site?

Everything OK for me. Did you try clearing browser-cache and all Invelos-related cookies and restart browser?
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Quoting grinawer:
But now its ticked  and nothig...

Could you give an example of a missing title?
E.g. I see your "Terror en el Lago Ness" which is a rated 18 movie if I read that correct.

The list your browser shows could be just the cached "before" version, always check with a second browser.
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Again, many thanks, all works as expected.

Good thing phpDVDProfiler has a new lease on life. 
I was already musing how to come to a similar result using the XML-export, and while possible it might have ended up rather inconvenient.
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One minor bug:
In the "Features" section the first two letters are missing. 'Scene Access' becomes 'ene Access' respectively if
'Feature Trailers' is the first entry it become 'ature Trailers'
It's in the websource like that, so no rendering error. Across all languages, so the translation is not at fault. And not the database cause 'Feature Trailers' as second item in a Features-list is shown correct.
@zeiram and it is on your DVD-list too, so it is not my webserver.
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Thanks Lowpro, done.
Although I cheated a little and just put it in the global, as Atmos already was. If I understood it corecct, that just means it is not translated, which is fine by me.

/***/ 'Dolby Atmos' => 'Dolby Atmos',
'Auro-3D' => 'Auro',

Quickly bashed together logo is: if anyone is interested. I'm not satisfied with the golden "3D" part, maybe I'll try again tomorrow.
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Quoting zeiram:
For the others: I've been working yesterday on making phpDVDProfiler working again with PHP 7.2.

What an excellent and unexpected Christmas gift!
Many thanks for reviving the old warhorse.

My webserver is now on PHP 7.3 and the dvd-list is working.

Only one very small problem remains: the update incorporates the "new" 3D-Audioformats, right? Until now I downgraded all those because of the problem phphDVDProfiler had with them. My test-profile still throws errors but shows the right icons. Is there anything I still have to do to the database?
As said, very minor because of lacking hardware I don't care much about those anyways, would just make the downgrading unnecessary.
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20 years? Those are Rookie numbers! 

First two DVDs on 31st July 1998, "The Crow" and "Dune", both imported from the USA and played on my Creative Encore PC-DVD DXR2
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open Filter windows with Ctrl-F

and switch from "Starts With" to "Contains". IIRC this also affects the search field in the toolbar.
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