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As far as I can see,there are two problems, namely, the online profile list and alternate DVDids.

Too often, the problems of the online profile list not showing UPC profiles when adding a disc is incorrectly blamed on the alternate DVDid issue.

On my Windows 10 and Windows 7 systems, I found NO UPC profile was listed when adding by disc, where the Disc Info was submitted and approved after beginning of 2017 (this is true for DVD, Blu-ray and 4K discs).

To eliminate windows 10 from the equation, I conducted various tests over the last six months on a windows 7 platform, with the following Add by Disc results for UPCs explained:
==>  when you insert a disc, the Add by Disc screen will show the UPC if the Discid in the UPC profile was submitted and approved PRIOR to 2017.

==>  when you add an additional Discid in the Disc info section of an existing UPC profile, the online profile list will accommodate the additional Discid. After approval, when you use the Add by Disc screen, the UPC will only show if there exists a Discid in the UPC profile that was submitted and approved PRIOR to 2017.

This problem appears to have started well before the Win10 ver1809 upgrade (13-Nov-2018) and the release of DVDP version 4.0 (16-Sep-2017).

I do note under "Bug Fixes in version 3.9" the following fix:
Fixed: Identifies literally every title as hell on wheels, when adding by disc id

Did the problem exist then or did the fix introduce another problem that was missed in the beta testing phase?

The biggest impact is on Win 10 users without AnyDVD software, they will ONLY find new DVD Discid profiles created using the alternate DVD Discid (HD-DVD, Blu-rays and 4K are unaffected), whereas the AnyDVD user will be able to find any Discid profile as well as any UPC profile whose discid was approved prior to 2017, by enabling/disabling AnyDVD.

The display of UPC profiles, created after beginning of 2017, by the "Add by Disc" process is a non-event. It won't display UPCs no matter whether the disc type is Blu-ray, 4K or DVD (good or bad id).

Overwriting Discids in a UPC profile is OK, the online database stores multiple Discids, but when you download it, its always the last entered Discid that is downloaded. So lock it if you want to maintain the previous Discid in the UPC profile.  If the previous Discid was approved prior to 2017 then it will continue to show in the Add by Disc screen.

Will Microsoft fix the DirectShow API involved in the DVDid calculation?
No, it is now listed as deprecated software, slowly being replaced by Media Foundation software. Also note that Microsoft forcibly removed their own Media Center and DVD player software, that used the DVDid for bookmarking, in the Win 10 ver1809 upgrade. So their intentions are clear.

Can Invelos fix the DVDid problem?
Yes, they could if they tried. Currently, DVDP calculates the HD-DVD, Blu-ray and 4K Discids internally, whilst the DVD Discid uses Microsoft's DIRECTSHOW APIs. To fix it, Invelos will need to modify the program code to calculate the DVD Discid and ensure it is backward compatible.
The quickest and simplest way for Invelos to incorporate the change is use existing public domain software that comes with its own C source code, and it does exist!

At the end of the day, I have found no evidence to prove the alternate DVD Discid is not unique, so its business as usual.  Yes, I understand some search results are not complete, in particular, old DVD Discid profiles, but that is not a game-stopper.

When I compile a DVD box set, I use the Win 10 (no AnyDVD running) Discids, because the child Discids are accessible to all Win 10 users in the community, including those using AnyDVD software.
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Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo:  Invalid (no credit)

Station West:        Guinn "Big Boy" Williams

Hangman's Knot:  Guinn "Big Boy" Williams

The Desperadoes: Guinn (Big Boy) Williams
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Quoting MikaLove:
However formulating the rules to say "should be the DVD itself" can cause confusion. Since some may argue that the case the disc comes in is also "the DVD". Better to phrase it "should be the movie/feature itself".

I should have quoted in my previous message the whole paragraph from the rules:
The authoritative source for information submitted should be the DVD itself.  Please don't submit content from a third party database, and always verify the specifications printed on the cover. In both cases, errors abound, so always verify the information directly from the DVD whenever possible.

The above paragraph quite clearly distinguishes "the DVD" from the covers/case the DVD comes in, so there should be no confusion. Basing your submission using the film's screen credits from "the DVD", instead of the back cover's film credit specification, is a valid and accurate implementation of the rule.
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MikaLove: Totally agree with you, the film's text credits have more credence than the credit blocks on the back cover that was composed by some package designer years, if not decades, after the film was released.

No one has provided verifiable evidence to substantiate that "Universal Pictures" was the Studio involved in 2004.

As per the rules: The authoritative source for information submitted should be the DVD itself.
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I understand T!M's reasoning, however, I have always followed the path outlined by primetime21 because I regard the "Isolated Track" as not an add-on feature, rather, it is already an integral part of the film itself.  The Audio tracks section covers this with the "Music Only" option.

Audio tracks and subtitles are an integral component of the film and are not considered to be add-on special features.

However,  "Commentary" has an Audio option in the profile as well as a check box in the Features section.  I believe this is because it is an add-on component, not integral to the film, just like all the other check boxes in the Features section.  Removal of any special features has no impact on the film.

"Other Features" is any add-on special feature not covered by the existing check boxes in the Features section.

Hope that provides some clarity on the topic.
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The rules state "The covers must match the profile exactly".

By "accurate facsimile", I mean an exact copy as true to the original source, namely, the covers minus the shrink wrap covering.
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Agree that "production services" credit should be ignored.

As this film was made in 2004, the correct studio/production company was Universal Studios, for the following reasons:

1. Film's copyright in end credits at 02:11:19 displayed:
                ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

2. Film's PG-13 rating listed distributor as Universal Studios:
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All Imprint releases to date in local retail stores have come with a ratings label stuck on the plastic shrink wrap.

I always add an explanation for the ratings and cover scans (typically, a slip cover) in any Imprint profile I submit, for example:

The "MA 15+" rating logo and description was applied to the slip cover's plastic shrink wrap like a sticker. Whilst it could be peeled off and applied to the front slip cover, the contribution rules state the scan should be an accurate facsimile of the original cover, so it was not included in the submitted scan.

The following retailer's web site shows the matching rating details as it appeared on the shrink wrap:

Hope that helps.
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Based on your furnished photo, I recognised Felicia Taylor (1964) in Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Season 1 Episode 22 ("Tuxedo Hill") @ 00:18:56 (PAL format). She was credited as "News Reporter" @ 00:41:54.

So doesn't that mean we still need the 1964 birth year entry to separate her from the unknown Felicia Taylor in "Coming to America"?
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Law & Order: Criminal Intent: The First Year ==> CULLEN OLIVER JOHNSON as Milton Barish (Episode 9: "The Good Doctor") @ 00:41:48 (PAL format).
Topic Replies: 7, Topic Views: 556
Law & Order: The Second Year ==> CULLEN O. JOHNSON as Koomar (Episode 9: "Renunciation") @ 00:44:59 (PAL format).
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First Blood - Edward L. Sandlin (Sound Editor) @ 01:32:04
Topic Replies: 16, Topic Views: 953
Wall Street - Edward Sandlin (Sound Editor) @ 02:03:23

Marathon Man - Edward L. Sandlin (Sound Editor) @ 02:04:48

Alien³ - Edward Sandlin (Sound Editor) @ 01:50:50 (Theatrical version)
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Papillon: Jack Denbo @ 02:28:51
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For your situation, this is how I would configure the Box Set profile:

Parent UPC
  + child Disc1 sideA ID
  + child Disc1 sideB ID
  + child Disc2 sideA ID
  + child Disc2 sideB ID

Alternate Disc ID profile not required as only one film per side.

Suggest you describe the box set physical configuration (that is, Keep Case containing two, double-sided discs, with separate film on each disc side) in the parent profile submission.

Each film will have its own UNIQUE Disc ID, so your concern regarding the double-sided nature of the discs is not an issue. Adding sideA and sideB disc IDs in each child profile would be invalid as no film spanned both sides.
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The Fuller Brush Girl: William Lyon
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Quoting AiAustria:
Yes, the year should be considered:
a) There are films out there, where at least some personel are involved in more than one version (consider also writing, producing, ...)

How true, indeed. Just look at some of the writing credits in American remakes of American films.

Shared Screenplay credit in remakes:
The Getaway (1972 & 1994) - original writer "Walter Hill" credited in both films.
Father of the Bride (1950 & 1991) - original writers "Frances Goodrich & Albert Hackett" credited in both films.
Psycho (1960 & 1998) - original writer "Joseph Stefano" credited in both films.
The Mechanic (1972 & 2011) - original writer "Lewis John Carlino" credited in both films.

"Based on" credits in remakes:
Sabrina (1954 & 1995)
Cape Fear (1962 & 1991)
To Be or Not to Be (1942 & 1983)
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Arizona - William Lyon @ 00:00:35
Barefoot in the Park - William Lyon @ 00:01:10
The Caine Mutiny - William A. Lyon @ 00:01:27

Cowboy - William A. Lyon @ 00:01:12 (PAL format)
The Man from the Diners' Club - William A. Lyon @ 00:00:47
Me and the Colonel - William A. Lyon @ 00:01:12

They Came to Cordura - William A. Lyon @ 00:01:46
The Walking Hills - William Lyon @ 00:00:41
You Were Never Lovelier - William Lyon @ 00:00:57

From Here to Eternity - William Lyon @ 00:01:03
Major Dundee - William A. Lyon @ 00:02:39 (Extended version)
The Man from Laramie - William Lyon @ 00:01:01
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I believe the actual wording from the previous contributor was "Cast/Crew from: from packaging".

Checked the actual profile and found a solitary entry for the Director, which could be identified from the packaging.

Had the wording been "Cast/Crew from: Opening and/or End credits" or "Cast/Crew from: approved UPC /EAN Profile Number ....", then I would expect to find a more complete listing.

Hope that answers your question.
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WICHITA - David Milton (Art Director) @ 00:00:57
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Please be aware that the device does not come with an AC adapter, it is a hot-plug device and receives its power from the laptop's USB port.

For your specified needs, the minimum requirements for your laptop are Windows 7 or later and available USB 3.0/2.0 port.
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214 4K titles. View 4K titles on either 32" 4K HDR monitor using PowerDVD 20 Ultra software or 79" 4K TV using Panasonic 4K player.

Irrespective of the screen size, it's the increased colour range and contrast range on 4K titles that knocks me out and blows equivalent Blu-rays away.

I buy all mine, but typically wait until they are on sale at 2 for $40 (Aussie dollars and sometimes 20% discount on top of that).
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Indicator is the label owned and operated by the company Powerhouse Films Ltd., as per the following link: https://www.facebook.com/pg/indicatorseries/about/?ref=page_internal
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I agree with GSyren that the film is the sole source for release studio/production company information, as per the rules, but since IMDB lists those companies mentioned by Kishiro as production companies, can you double-check the end credits to the very end (including copyright info) and rule them out?

Also, my understanding is we don't use theatrical release companies for CoO, unless they were also a production company.
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This may help.

The Writers Guild of America's screen credits manual has this definition:

"Adaptation by"
In the interest of avoiding a multiplicity of credits, the Guild is opposed to the general use of the "Adaptation by" credit. However, the Guild recognizes that there are certain unusual cases where credit is due a writer who shapes the direction of screenplay construction without qualifying for "Screenplay by" credit. In those special cases, and only as a result of arbitration, the "Adaptation by" credit may be used.
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