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That's cool - I am just sitting here listening to you talk to yourself :-)
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Having the checkbox as "HDR10" confused people I think. This is actually the basic HDR for 4K, I'm guessing it was given the name to differentiate it from HDR+ and any other upcoming format names. Basically, if the cover references HDR on it somewhere then check the box. Dolby Vision currently is an option (ie: discs will have both) where available but there aren't many of them.
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Yep. Because I've not found anything better. It still has it's annoyances with calling things and formatting things in profiles how DVDProfiler wants rather then what is correct. The latest one being "Dolby Atmos 3D" - there is no such audio track, it's actually called Dolby Atmos.
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Well, it's Australian and does include a few other interests as well. Listed on the ASX (Australian stock exchange). http://villageroadshow.com.au/ Has various business interests.

It does list it's various Village Roadshow Pictures and it does have studios in Australia. Lots of films have used these facilities from various Hollywood companies etc however locations aren't used in DvdProfiler so you never see which.

I guess when listing "Country" then it would depend which division of VRL did the movie I guess.
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