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Sounds good to me. I believe there was a user a few months or a year ago who removed all the extras from the 4K main profiles of a bunch of releases. No one seemed to care, so I just locked my profiles.
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Curious so I checked out their YouTube page. They did a good job of emulating the original series' look. But gosh, it's rather cringey. 
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Quoting iPatsa:
Why would you list a distributor as a release studio?

Nowhere does the rules say list the film distrubutor first. Or at all.
I agree.
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I'm at about 200 if you count box sets as one title.
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You can see images here.

I'd go custom for this type of packaging myself.

It's neither a digipak or a digibook really.
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I'd go with the Oct 30th release date myself. It seems a lot of people have received this already from Amazon. Just consider it an Amazon exclusive until Nov 30th. 
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Just purchased the John Lennon Imagine / Gimme Some Truth Blu-ray and it has a 13 digit UPC and was released in the US.

EDIT: Hmm. Release looks odd. Amazon is selling this themselves, but state it's a Region B disc (it's not, it's Region Free). The back cover itself says Made in the USA, has no UK logos.
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We know it's based on an Ernest Hemingway story. His name is in the credits. I would go with common sense on stuff like this even if it bends the rules.
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Batman: The Animated Series: Volume 1 as Denny O'Neil (1 episode)
Batman: The Animated Series: Volume 2 as Dennis O'Neil (2 episodes)
Batman: The Animated Series: Volume 3 as Dennis O'Neil (3 episodes)
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The way he's created, it looks more like "Original Characters by". Like how we'd credit Bob Kane on Batman movies. I think "Created by" is mostly used for TV shows which have creators. The position doesn't really exist in movies.
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