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There isn't one for this year for some reason so I though I'd add one, better late than never!... mods please pin and allow unlimited editing as usual for these continuous update threads.

I did REALLY badly last year due partly to illness but I'm really going to be making an effort this year:

2012 visits: 13
2013 visits: 15
2014 visits: 5
2015 visits: 5
2016 visits: 5
2017 visits: 2

20/2 - Black Panther ****
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Quoting dee1959jay:
Yes, you need HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2.

Mind you, HDMI 2.1 is coming. But then again, there will always be new things on the horizon.

Checking out various articles on places like CNET there is unlikely to be ANY reason to upgrade from 1.4 - manufacurers just want to charge more for 2.0 or 2.1... which is the port standard NOT the 'dumb cable' required. Unless you have really long cable runs or need speed/bandwidth for online gaming upgrading is unlikely to be necessary.
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Thanks for the pin and unlimited editing, Mods... sorry if I got annoyed but it was just frustration!
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Thanks stephan... reserving spot

Mods, Please Pin and allow unlimited editing
Last year:
Not filled in yet

Targets are: Annual (Pro-rata for the end of present month)
Commentaries are per 25-30min ep (50-60min eps are 2, films 3+)
Blu-rays are per 'average movie' length of time so TV episodes are worth less (about 40 minutes for averaging purposes)
Features points are 1 for shorts/trailers/deleted scene or so (<~5 mins), 2-3 for short features/multi-deleted scenes (<~15 minutes), 4+ for longer features @ ~ +1/5mins : Note Ep with Trivia now counts as an extra as well as the episode (which also adds 5*Commentaries for previous DWs)

Total Movies Watched: 2 Target: 25 (4)
Never Seen Before Movies Watched: 2 Target: 15 (3)
BluRays Watched: 12 Target: 50 (8)
Total TV 'complete series' or one-offs Watched: 5 Target: 45 (8)
Commentaries Listened To: 0 Target: 5 (1)
Features 'points': 0 Target: 40 (7)

Total TV Episodes/Shorts Watched: 38 Target: 300 (50)

Last Movie Watched:  Last TV Completed:    Last TV ep Watched:  Last Commentary:  Last 'other' extra Watched:

First watches are italicised.

January: 0 (0) / 0 / 0 + 0

February: 2 (2) / 2 / 0 + 0
16/2 X-Men: Dys of Future Past: Rogue Cut  ****
18/2 Victoria & Abdul ***

January: 4 / 21 / 0 + 0 (25)
1/1 Game of Thrones: Episodes 5.9-5.10 - Season complete ****1/2
1/1 The Crown: Episodes 1.1-1.4
2/1 The Crown: Episode 1.5
5/1 The Crown: Episodes 1.6-1.8
6/1 The Crown: Episodes 1.9-1.10 Season complete - Season complete ****1/2
7/1 Game of Thrones: Episodes 6.1-6.2
8/1 Game of Thrones: Episodes 6.3-6.4
9/1 Game of Thrones: Episode 6.9
14/1 Game of Thrones: Episode 6.10 - Season complete ****1/2
21/1 Game of Thrones: Episode 7.1
24/1 Game of Thrones: Episodes 7.2-7.3  
27/1 Game of Thrones: Episodes 7.4-7.6
28/1 Game of Thrones: Episode 7.7 - Season complete *****

February: 1 / 0 / 0 + 0 (13)
11/2 Death in Paradise: Episode 4.1
12/2 Death in Paradise: Episode 4.2
13/2 Death in Paradise: Episode 4.3
14/2 Death in Paradise: Episode 4.4
18/2 Death in Paradise: Episode 4.5
19/2 Death in Paradise: Episode 4.6
20/2 Death in Paradise: Episodes 4.7-4.8 - Season complete ****
23/2 Death in Paradise: Episodes 5.1-5.2
24/2 Death in Paradise: Episodes 5.3-5.5

Films (First time films) / TV / BluRays film:eps / Commentaries + 'Feature points' (Episodes)

January: 0 (0) / 4 / 0:25 / 0 + 0 (25)
February: 1 (1) / 4 / 2:0 / 0 + 0 (13)
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Quoting zarquon7:
I'm running the beta Android app, and I see no recent update; perhaps one has to leave the beta program to get the update?

If you are running Version 4.0.0 Build 75 that is the same as the now released version.
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Yes, it was a shame they were not released together, but let's not over-react... 1) Invelos may have told Google to make the 4.0 live and Google 'put it on the queue'... and there would have been just and much wailing if they had relesed Android 4.0.0 first and Desktop was still beta only. 2) Who REALLY added massive numbers of titles that they just COULDN'T be without on the mobile app for a few days... they could easily check online list to ensure they didn't buy a title twice until the Android release became available.

BTW Unlike in the past when (not Invelos' fault) Amazon took weeks to release the Android version on Amazon App store, this time the update went live at about the same time as Google so obviously Invelos DID think ahead but it just didn't work out pefectly.
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Support Ticket raised - I will post here with the response when I receive it
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Quoting Elwood Blues:
If you click "Add DVD to your collection" and then "By title" you can select "Coming soon" as release date. The program will then show you all profiles with upcoming release dates which you can then add to your wishlist.

Thanks, much appreciated!
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Hi All,

I am sure I remember a feature whereby you could access upcoming titles in the database so you could add them to your Wishlist. Am I wrong? Has it been removed as so few people used it (or for another reason)? Or can I just not ind it for some reason? - I can totally believe the latter!

Any help appreciated, thanks.
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Quoting surfeur51:
Quoting TraunStaa:
For me, personally, streaming or other form of digital content isn't an option. I like to have all stuff in physical form.


Not often I agree with you on these forums surfeur, despite respecing your opinions, but on this issue I 100% agree
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