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I think when you say an Atmos track is 7.1 or 5.1, you're talking about the embedded TrueHD "core" track. An Atmos mix is channel independent. 7.1.4 or 5.1.2 refer to the number of speakers in the playback system. It has nothing to with the Atmos mix itself.
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I'd like to see an option to indicate if the source for a 4K title is natively 4K or if it was upscaled.
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I created a filter for UHD discs (4K selected under formats) and saved this filter. When I reload the filter, however, 4K is not checked under formats.
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I'd like to have custom collection categories that, rather than having titles assigned to them, would display the results of a saved filter.

For example, I could create a filter that displays titles from the Criterion Collection. Assigning that to a category would give me a Criterion Collection tab on my Collection List, even though my Criterion titles are still assigned to my Blu-ray or DVD custom collections, where they belong.

This feature would probably need the option to exclude titles from the Ordered and/or Wish List categories.
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Quoting Addicted2DVD:
This is something to just fix in your local as the online won't see the difference.

It can tell the difference when I refresh the profile. DVDP replaces the correct profile with the incorrect one.

However, after I ran the database cleaner and remove any unused cast profiles, this doesn't happen, so it's only a problem if both cast records are still in your local database.

So I guess the trick is to clean your data periodically.
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Laura San Giacomo is credited for Stephen King's The Stand as first name "Laura," middle name "San," last name, "Giacomo."

Obviously, her last name is "San Giacomo" and that's how she's credited everywhere else I can find (Sex, Lies, and Videotape; Pretty Woman; Suicide Kings, etc.), meaning I have two records for the same actor, one correct, one incorrect.

The name is obviously spelled the same in both records, just with San in the middle name for one, and as part of the last name for the other.

So I updated the profile, replacing the incorrect profile with the correct one. When I try to submit the corrected profile, the database says that it has not detected any changes. (Note, I refreshed the profile before I modified it, so the most current profile for this title has the wrong actor record). Apparently, the contribution system can't tell the difference between:

Laura San Giacomo


Laura  San  Giacomo
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This affects only the iPhone version but works on the iPad.
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What I'd like to see is the ability to assign collection numbering within a box set this way:

For example, if I had the Harry Potter box set, I would have the main collection number assigned to box set and assign each movie a number or letter, either 1 through 8 or A through H.

That way, if the box set was collection #100, Sorcerer's Stone would be 100-1 or 100-A.
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One of the badge options in thumbnail view is "bookmark," but I don't see the option to add a bookmark or do anything else bookmark-related anywhere else in the program? Is this a future feature?
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If you are setting a condition for an element in a report (also Collection Hint and Custom View), the first option for "Audio Format" is "Any Dolyby Digital."

It's been this way for a while.

Edit: I apologize for double posting this to the 4.0 bug thread, but then again, this has been around since at least 3.9.1.
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Hmmm... It doesn't happen on my pre-ordered titles. Only on titles where the purchased date is in the past.
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Let me see if I can explain this.

I set my custom view so that the letters appear yellow against the blue background when the title is selected and black when it's not. Basically, I have two copies of every field, one visible when the title is highlighted and the other visible at all other times.

Except for DVD Purchase date. I have that one set up exactly the same as all other fields, but the text is always black. It shows up yellow when I am editing the custom view, but not when an item is actually selected in the collection view.
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