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Got a question regarding profiles for UHD disks. I see a lot of them have a cover scan showing it’s the 4k set, but the “4k”checkbox is not checked on the profile.

Are these profiles that were created prior to the upgrade that allowed for the 4k checkbox? If so, is it possible for me to use the existing profiles but then submit an update to the database for that disk, so that if anyone else uses it, the 4k box is checked?

I also see a lot that are missing the Dolby Atmos indicator (both UHD and Blu-ray)  Same question...can I update an existing profile and submit it as a correction? I know I can correct if for my own database, but concerned if I accidentally refresh the profiles, it’ll get wiped out. Also figure if I’m doing the work, others may also benefit.
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Want to easily find my UHD disks, so I figured I could use the "format" filter. When I click "4K ultra HD", I get zero results, even though I have 22 disks that have the "4K Ultra HD" checkbox is marked on all 22 disks.

Why is this filter not working as expected?

I've cleared out the filter and tried it several times, and get the same results.

Running 4.0 on windows 10 machine
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