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Wishing Invelos and all fellow users a magnificent 2020!!     
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Yes there is, by using a CueCat.
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So do I.
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There are several options available to you in DVD Profiler to keep them together, including using Tags and using the Sort Title field to this end.
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While the ranks of active DVDP users may have thinned out, welcome back! 
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I would agree with Gunnar that being a critical failure is irrelevant for determining whether a film is a classic or not.
At the same time, I do not consider Classic to be a genre in the first place, so I'd agree with those who say it has no place there.
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Regarding the greenies: according to the Invelos website "Positive ratings reward community members who post helpful or useful messages."
Which is a highly accurate description of the type of community member you are.   

So thank you once again for all your efforts - in spite of Invelos seeming to be end-of-life - to make a great program even greater!
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Same here. Happy my LG OLED E6 still supports it!
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That would be http://www.invelos.com/DVDCollection.aspx/battitta64.
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Agreed. I don’t think any of these two credits should be entered.
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I don’t think so. I would seek to enter the people in charge of the creative side of visual effects only. That’s how I understand generic Visual Effects credits, which I believe we’re after for DVDP purposes. Producer-type roles do not qualify for that, I think.

Your mileage may vary, of course.
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Quoting iPatsa:
I would enter the most restrictive region encoding for the box set.

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So long, Katatonia. Thank you for all your efforts until now and wish you all the best for the future.
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It seems these days all they do is process contributions and maintain the central database. And occasionally remove some spam from these forums.

In terms of product development, it pretty much seems to be abandonware. Why this is the case? Your guess is as good as mine. Since it all depends on a single person, it could be a health issue or other personal circumstances. In the absence of any communication by the company, that's all speculation, not fact.
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I wouldn't include them, but I guess you could think of them as a disc feature.
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I agree with rdodolak.
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That suggests submitting these “new”. Disc IDs serves no purpose.
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To me, contributing requires being sure that what I’m submitting is correct. As a result, I will not remove role names unless I’m sure they’re incorrect. But that’s just me.
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Sounds like a plan.
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Agree with the others: main features only.
Topic Replies: 8, Topic Views: 1532
For the box set parent profile: Title.
For the individual movies' child profiles: Edition (per the rule quoted by Eagle).
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Other than processing contributions for the central Invelos database, very little seems to be going on.
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Let me join the choir as well: no valid credits.
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Agree with Gunnar. Nothing against copying, but only if it serves as a starting point only, to be followed by verification against the actual credits.
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