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Topic Replies: 2, Topic Views: 140
Saturday Night Live: The Best of Phil Hartman - Siobhan Fallon
Topic Replies: 21, Topic Views: 367
What I've done: Do a database repair. After that, open Profiler and go to Reassign Collection Numbers (uncheck assign numbers where blank). Then upload as you normally would. That should do the trick.  I've had instances where I add title to owned, and it doesn't automatically assign the next number (2231 when my last purchase was 2230), and the Db repair fixed it.
Topic Replies: 1, Topic Views: 179
Father Figures: Dan Leahy
Topic Replies: 85, Topic Views: 6406
Pacific Rim: Uprising: Pete Bebb
Topic Replies: 14, Topic Views: 4976
Just submitted this one: Simpsons Season 18 - Chris "Ludacris" Bridges
Topic Replies: 48, Topic Views: 12116
Michael Price (1958): Writer/Producer - https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0697052/?ref_=fn_nm_nm_1#writer; https://simpsonswiki.com/wiki/Michael_Price

Michael Price (????, sometimes credited as Michael A. Price): Director of Photography - https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0697053/?ref_=fn_nm_nm_3; https://shotonwhat.com/o/141354/michael-a-price

Michael Price (????): Costume Designer - https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0697049/?ref_=fn_nm_nm_23

Contributed 1958 on 6/16/18.
Topic Replies: 4446, Topic Views: 194758

Makeup Artist

He seems to be in a lot of Samuel L. Jackson's movies.

After digging up a few more titles, a new common name has emerged!

Allan A. Apone: 31 confirmed
The 51st State (aka Formula 51)
And The Band Played On
Armed Response
Changing Lanes
Deadly Eyes
Den of Thieves
Desperate Hours
Hot Shots!
Last of the Dogmen
Major League II
The Man
MetalStorm: The Destruction of Jared-Syn
The Original Faces of Death: 30th Anniversary Edition
Profiler: Season 1
Race to Witch Mountain
Rules of Engagement (Movie, not the TV show)
Snakes on a Plane
Super Mario Bros.
Twin Peaks: Season 2
xXx: State of the Union (aka xXx: The Next Level)

Alan A. Apone: 1 confirmed
Dinner For Schmucks

Allan Apone: 39 confirmed
22 Jump Street
An Occasional Hell (Producer)
The Avengers
Avengers: Age of Ultron
Black Snake Moan
Captain America: Civil War
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
The Caveman's Valentine
Coach Carter
Friday the 13th: Part 3
Get Smart Again
Iron Man 3
Knight Rider: Season 1
Lakeview Terrace
Learning to Drive
The Losers
Machine Gun Preacher
No Good Deed
Robocop (2014)
The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause
Shaft (2000)
Shark Night
Silent Madness
Soul Men
The Spirit
The Sword and the Sorcerer
Thick as Thieves (aka The Last Bandit)
Three Kings
U.S. Marshals

Alan Apone: 4 confirmed
Deep Blue Sea
Home of the Brave
Mission of the Shark: The Saga of the U.S.S. Indianapolis
Return to Horror High

Allen Apone: 1 confirmed
Terror Circus a.k.a. Nightmare Circus a.k.a. Barn of the Naked Dead

Al Apone: 1 confirmed
Wise Blood

Allan Appone: 1 confirmed
Mad City
Topic Replies: 48, Topic Views: 9195
Person of Interest and The Pacific are Josh Close
Topic Replies: 12, Topic Views: 600
Alcatraz, Manh(A)Ttan and Turn: Washington's Spies are all Jonny Coyne
Topic Replies: 20, Topic Views: 787
Sound Re-Recording Mixer With Way Too Many Name Variants:


Frank Montano32  (Confirmed)

Be Cool (confirmed by Reybr)
Captain America (1992) (confirmed by Merrik)
Class Act (1992) (confirmed by huskersports)
Cool World (confirmed by T!M)
Curious George (confirmed by Kluge)
Daddy and Them (confirmed by huskersports)
Dawn Of The Dead (confirmed by Reybr)
Death Wish 4: The Crackdown (confirmed by Kluge)
Deceived (confirmed by Railroaded)
Diggstown (confirmed by synner_man)
End Of Days (confirmed by Railroaded)
Express, The: The Ernie Davis Story (confirmed by Kluge)
For The Boys (confirmed by tweeter)
Graveyard Shift (confirmed by Kluge)
Grumpier Old Men (confirmed by Spacefreakmicha)
Guyver, The (confirmed by Kluge)
Hostel: Part II (confirmed by Railroaded)
Hotel Noir (confirmed by greyghost)
In The Bedroom (confirmed by Railroaded)
Iron Maze (confirmed by Kluge)
Lion King II, The: Simba's Pride (confirmed by Kluge)
Lucky You (confirmed by T!M)
Missing, The (confirmed by Kluge)
Night Of The Living Dead (confirmed by Kluge)
Norbit (confirmed by Kluge)
Resident Evil: Extinction (confirmed by Kluge)
Shogun Mayeda (confirmed by rutan)
Sneakers (confirmed by T!M)
Star Trek: Nemesis (confirmed by Calebandco)
The Substitute (confirmed by greyghost)
Trial And Error (confirmed by Kluge)
Underworld: Evolution (confirmed by Rogue.9)

Frank A. Montano: 31  (Confirmed)

Addams Family Values (confirmed by Kluge)
Atomic Blonde
August Rush (confirmed by Forget_The_Rest)
Batman & Robin (confirmed by Reybr)
Body Snatchers (confirmed by Railroaded)
Book of Eli, The (confirmed by zwoti)
Carpool (confirmed by huskersports)
Clean Slate (confirmed by T!M)
Clear And Present Danger (confirmed by Calebandco)
Cobb (confirmed by huskersports)
Dear God (confirmed by T!M)
Death Race (confirmed by Kluge)
Elizabethtown (confirmed by Reybr)
Fire In The Sky (confirmed by Kluge)
Fugitive, The (confirmed by tweeter)
Ghost And The Darkness, The (confirmed by Kluge)
Good Burger (confirmed by greyghost)
How The Grinch Stole Christmas (confirmed by Kluge)
Interpreter, The (confirmed by tweeter)
Judgment Night (confirmed by bigdaddyhorse)
Little Giants (confirmed by ateo357)
Mulholland Falls (confirmed by Railroaded)
Outbreak (confirmed by tweeter)
Steel (confirmed by huskersports)
Street Fighter (confirmed by RAPMAN)
Suburban Commando (confirmed by Kluge)
Sum Of All Fears, The (confirmed by tweeter)
This Boys Life (confirmed by Kluge)
Timecop (confirmed by W0M6At)
Under Siege (confirmed by tweeter)
Wanted (confirmed by Kluge)

Frank A. Montano, Jr.14 (Confirmed)

American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt (confirmed by zwoti)
American Ninja 4 (confirmed by huskersports)
Cyborg (confirmed by Kluge)
Death Warrant (confirmed by RAPMAN)
Delta Force 2 (confirmed by sidrat)
Fires Within (confirmed by huskersports)
Haunted Summer (confirmed by ateo357)
Hero And The Terror (confirmed by sidrat)
Keaton's Cop (confirmed by huskersports)
Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects (confirmed by ninehours)
Messenger Of Death (confirmed by rutan)
Platoon Leader (confirmed)
River of Death (confirmed by Merrik)
Salsa - The Motion Picture (confirmed by huskersports)

Frank A. Montaño41  (Confirmed)

47 Ronin (confirmed)
300 (confirmed by tweeter)
Adventures Of Rocky And Bullwinkle, The (confirmed by T!M)
And Soon the Darkness (confirmed by hallo-marvin)
Batman Forever (confirmed by Reybr)
Battleship (confirmed by huskersports)
Believe in Me (confirmed by huskersports)
The Best Man Holiday (2013) (confirmed)
Birdman (2014) (confirmed by emmeli)
Body Parts [1991] (confirmed by huskersports)
Broken City (confirmed)
Chronicles Of Riddick, The (confirmed by Kluge)
Dracula Untold (confirmed by D!rk-J@n)
Endless Love (2014) (confirmed by awilbohk)
Fast Five (confirmed by huskersports)
Fast and Furious 8
Ferngully, The Last Rainforest (confirmed by Kluge)
Frost / Nixon (confirmed by Kluge)
Furious 7
Gigli (confirmed by huskersports)
The Huntsman: Winter's War
Jackie Brown (confirmed by Rogue.9)
Jade (confirmed by Railroaded)
Little Man (confirmed by RAPMAN)
Matilda (confirmed by Calebandco)
The Movement: One Man Joins an Uprising (confirmed by huskersports)
Pacific Rim: Uprising
The Revenant
Safe House (2012) (confirmed by huskersports)
Smoke Signals (confirmed by ljbarnhill)
Something To Talk About (confirmed by T!M)
Star Trek Beyond (confirmed by huskersports)
Straight Out of Compton (confirmed by bigdaddyhorse)
Tale Of Despereaux, The (confirmed by Kluge)
Thomas Crown Affair, The (confirmed by T!M)
A Thousand Words (confirmed by huskersports)
Unbroken (confirmed by D!rk-J@n)
The Way (confirmed by huskersports)
Wolfman, The (confirmed by zwoti)
Your Highness (confirmed by huskersports)
Fast and Furious 6 (confirmed by huskersports)

Frank A. Montaño Jr.1  (Confirmed)

Phantom Of The Opera, The [1989] (confirmed by gardibolt)

Frankie Montano1  (Confirmed)

Along Came A Spider (confirmed by Railroaded)

Frank Montaño17  (Confirmed)

The 13th Warrior (confirmed by hallo-marvin/Kluge)
A Beautiful Mind (confirmed by hallo-marvin)
The Amazing Panda Adventure (confirmed)
An American Affair (confirmed by huskersports)
Big Bounce, The (confirmed by T!M)
Exorcist: The Beginning (confirmed by RAPMAN)
Eye For An Eye (confirmed by Kluge)
Fast & Furious (confirmed by Merrik)
Italian Job, The (confirmed by tweeter)
Juwanna Mann (confirmed by Kluge)
K-Pax (confirmed by Kluge)
Man of Steel (confirmed by awilbohk)
On Deadly Ground (confirmed by Spacefreakmicha)
Scary Movie 2 (confirmed by RAPMAN)
Sucker Punch (confirmed by huskersports)
Varsity Blues (confirmed by tweeter)
Watchmen (confirmed by Kluge)

Frank A. Moñtano1  (Confirmed)

The Core (confirmed by tweeter)

Frank Mantano3  (Confirmed)

Chain Of Fools (confirmed by huskersports)
My Cousin Vinny (confirmed by tweeter)
Sins of the Mother (confirmed by huskersports)

Frankie Mantano1  (Confirmed)

More Than A Game (LeBron James 2008 movie) (confirmed by huskersports)

Frank A Montaño:

Doom (confirmed by mreeder50)
Topic Replies: 194, Topic Views: 13372
Michael Uslan:
LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes Unite
LEGO Justice League: Attack of the Legion of Doom
Batman and Harley Quinn

Michael E. Uslan
Batman (1989)
Batman Begins
The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight Rises
The LEGO Movie
Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice
The LEGO Batman Movie
Justice League

Seems that he drops the E. only for the animated Batman movies.
Topic Replies: 34, Topic Views: 1119
Blood In Blood Out: Bound by Honor - Gary Cervantes
Drew Carey Show: Carlos Cervantes
30 Nights of Paranormal Activity With the Devil Inside the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: Gary Carlos Cerbantes
Topic Replies: 28, Topic Views: 1135

J. D./J.D. Schwalm: 11 confirmed
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva La Fiesta!
Fast & Furious 8
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
McFarland USA
The Muppets (2011)
Murder of a Cat
Rides - Season 4 Volume 3
Saving Mr. Banks
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows
Yes Man
You're Not You

Jim Schwalm: 10 confirmed
Drag Me to Hell
Falling Down
Lethal Weapon 2
Lethal Weapon 3
National Treasure: Book of Secrets
Natural Born Killers
Oz the Great and Powerful
The Purge: Anarchy
Transformers: Age of Extinction
Who's That Girl

James D. Schwalm: 3 confirmed
Child's Play
Tango and Cash

James T. Schwalm: 1 confirmed

James Schwalm: 1 confirmed
Eye of the Tiger

JD Schwalm: 4 confirmed
Earth to Echo
The Jungle Book (2016)
Man Men: The Final Season: Part 1
Topic Replies: 32, Topic Views: 6143
Leslie Carslon: X-Files Season 1

Les Carslon: A Christmas Story, Left Behind II, and X-Files: Season 2
Topic Replies: 17, Topic Views: 1173
CSI: Season 9: Matthew Wiese

Edit: Never mind... 
Topic Replies: 9, Topic Views: 790
CSI: NY - Michael J. O'Hara
Topic Replies: 1, Topic Views: 251
O.J. series: Wally Wolodarsky
Topic Replies: 8, Topic Views: 659
Simpsons 1-4: Wallace Wolodarsky and Warped Wally Wolodarsky for the Treehouse of Horror episode in Season 4.
Topic Replies: 8, Topic Views: 659
Lost: Seasons 1,2,3,4,5 and 6: Archie K. Ahuna
Snatched: Archie Ahuna
Topic Replies: 5, Topic Views: 387
It looks like it's either Stephen or Stephen W., but I'd like to be sure.

Stephen Bridgewater: 9 confirmed
12 Monkeys
21 Grams
Angel in the Family
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
La Femme Musketeer
The Fisher King
Fielder's Choice
The Gambler V
Hard Time
Johnson County War
Love's Long Journey
Night of the Wolf
Rangers aka Texas Rangers
Scorpion: Season 2

Stephen W. Bridgewater: 5 confirmed
Gentle Ben: The Movie
Love's Abiding Joy/Love Comes Softly
Love's Christmas Journey
Monster Makers
Mystery Woman
Out of the Woods
Prairie Fever
Roughing It
Streets of Laredo
The X-Files: Season 9

Stephen Wesley Bridgewater: 9 confirmed
Forrest Gump
Kingdom Hospital: The Complete Series
Mississippi Burning
Nowhere to Run
Roseanne: Season 3
Rough Riders
Tidal Wave: No Escape
The Vanishing
Wings: Season 7
Topic Replies: 18, Topic Views: 4334
The Post: Margie Durand
Topic Replies: 64, Topic Views: 9710
The Glory Guys: Edward S. Haworth
Topic Replies: 18, Topic Views: 854
Sound crew


The CLT is all messed up, with some John Mitchell actors and some John Mitchell crew members.  So I'll skip those results.  I have added to the list all the John (W.) Mitchell sound crew credits in the CLT.

John Mitchell: 31 (Confirmed)

Another Shore (1948)
Billion Dollar Brain (confirmed by ninehours)
The Black Windmill (1974) (confirmed by ninehours)
The Bounty (1984) (confirmed by Rizor)
The Bridge on the River Kwai (confirmed by CalebAndCo)
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (confirmed by ninehours)
Death on the Nile (confirmed by Jykke)
Diamonds Are Forever (confirmed by me)
Evil Under the Sun (confirmed by Jykke)
Family Ties: Season 4
Gold (1974) (confirmed by T!M)
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1982) (confirmed by JOHNNYV)
Jesus of Nazareth (1977) (confirmed by MickySpoon)
Kind Hearts and Coronets (1949) (confirmed by Draxen)
Live and Let Die (confirmed by me)
Manhunter (1986) (confirmed by bigdaddyhorse)
The Mirror Crack'd (confirmed by Jykke)
Moby Dick (1956) (confirmed by CalebAndCo)
No Orchids for Miss Blandish (1948)
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (confirmed by me)
A Passage to India (confirmed by Michael A)
The Pleasure Girls
Plenty (1985) (confirmed by MickySpoon)
The Prince and the Show Girl (1957) (confirmed by Draxen)
Saraband for Dead Lovers (1948)
The Scarlet and the Black (1983) (TV)
Shout at the Devil (1976)
Sleuth (1972) (confirmed by Muckl)
Sword of Sherwood Forest (1960)
Valentino (1977) (confirmed by MickySpoon)
You Only Live Twice (confirmed by me)

John W. Mitchell: 9 (Confirmed)

The 39 Steps (1959 version) (confirmed by Michael A)
Casino Royale (1967 version) (confirmed by T!M)
Doctor At Sea (confirmed by Sidrat)
Hot Enough for June
House of Mystery
From Russia With Love (confirmed by me)
Morning Departure
Our Man in Havana (confirmed by ninehours)
This Sporting Life
Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines (confirmed by ninehours)

J. W. Mitchell: 1 confirmed

Sleeping Car to Trieste
Topic Replies: 32, Topic Views: 7566
Looking for this Sound guy's common name.  It's 52-25 Mike Le-Mare now, and this thread backs up the common name.

Mike Le-Mare: 38 confirmed
Arabian Knight (aka The Thief and the Cobbler, aka The Princess and the Cobbler)
Body Snatchers
Das Boot
Caravans (Spanish DVD title: Caravanas)
Cover Up
Dead Bang
Dead Heat
Death Warrant
Death Wish 4
Enemy Mine
The Fourth War
George Wallace
Guarding Eddy
In Pursuit of Honor
Miles From Home
Net Worth
New Jack City
Path To War
Reindeer Games
The Second Jungle Book: Mowgli & Baloo
She's So Lovely
Shogun Meyeda (Kabuto)
Showdown in Little Tokyo
Unhook The Stars
Without A Clue
Woman Thou Art Loosed
Year of the Gun

Mike Le Mare: 12 confirmed
The Big Sleep
Bram Stoker's Dracula
Car Napping
Cat and Mouse
Exit... Nur keine Panik
The Mutations
Neither the Sea Nor the Sand
The Neverending Story (is the original title in German or in English?)
Roboman (Who?) (title/original title copied directly from the CLT)
Ten Little Indians
To the Devil...a Daughter

Michael Le-Mare: 2 confirmed
Steel Dawn

Michael LeMare: 1 confirmed
There's a Girl in My Soup
Topic Replies: 38, Topic Views: 4443
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