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Quoting 69samael69:
Out of curiosity, has the user base shrunk? I've notice the last year or so that I've been getting a lot more content that I have to enter myself, especially for box sets and collections. Maybe I'm just unlucky.

For those area's, I'm not surprised at all. There are so many re-releases of box sets of films and tv series, we don't tend to buy them all. For Example
Walking Dead 1-2 / 1-3 / 1-4
Fast and Furious 4 Movie collection / 5 Movie / 6/7  Movie Collections etc..

Making a new profile, adding images, running time, synopsis etc.. are part of the fun for me when I find I need to do it, I quite enjoy it


Also, keeping it 'user added content', it keeps the cost of the software down and subscription free with free updates.... Unlike Collectorz who I think are  greedy gits.
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Yep, triple checked locality and it was wrong.... It's been a long day today

Got it now, thank you.

PS.. I know
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As title

I'm having trouble uploading the profile for the 1993 dvd release of The Tommyknockers
    9 332412 003838

This is an out of print dvd of the tv mini series by Stephen King

I purchased it when it finally came down to a reasonable price on Amazon:


I am getting the message pop up saying:
'Please check that the UPC and locality are correct. These can be changed via DVD->Change UPC.'

I have double checked the UPC and locality and they are both correct as far as I can tell. Scanned the cover myself, know it was produced in New Zealand by an American production company 'abc' in 1993.

I honestly am stumped by this one, and no where seems to have an accurate release date as far as I can tell, a lot say 2010, but I'm damn sure this was released around 1998.
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For the past few days or more, when trying to update my online collection from the Android app was stuck at about 5%.

If you are having the same issue, just:
Uninstall the app from your phone
Reinstall the app
Download your current online database
Scan the bar codes for the recently purchased titles (In my case it was only 4 thankfully)
Then update the online collection as usual.

Hope it helps someone

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