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Another option is to select the DVD and then select DVD -> Copy from the menu bar.  Select your Blu-ray profile and select DVD -> Paste from the menu bar.  In the popup window check both Cast and Crew click OK.
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From the readme.txt file:

DVD Profiler requires one of the following:

- Windows 10
- Windows 8
- Windows 7 (Any Version)
- Windows Vista (Any version)
- Windows XP (Home or Professional)
- Windows 2000

Note: DVD Profiler is not supported on Windows 98
or earlier operating systems, nor is it supported on
Beta operating systems, or tablet operating systems
such as Windows RT.
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Quoting Ace_of_Sevens:
Quoting DaMikstar:
Box Sets on the other hand are quite empty, because most info belongs to the child profiles only except info regarding every movie in this box set like one digital copy code for three movies.

The rules don't support this. Recent discussion determined digital copies go on the individual movies.

I get the desire to profile a digital copy to a specific movie, but that makes little sense since if you're profiling based on each individual disc (disc ID) most digital copies today aren't on a disc.  They're on a paper slip in the main release (package) so they have nothing to due with the disc.  Are we profiling discs or movies because I've heard both arguments before.
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Quoting DaMikstar:
As I wrote before, for me, as a German (we know all about rules! ) and not native English speaker they seem obvious. I don't see, why the rules for BD/DVD should not apply to UHD/BD. Maybe the rules need a clarification for "normal profile", but for the rest a "The same applies to UHD/BD." would be sufficient.

I will lock my features at least for my US-UHDs as well. I want to see everything what's there for a movie without opening any child profiles. Especially not in the iPhone App.

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Quoting primetime21:
Maybe it's up for interpretation but I don't see where in that rule it says to put the information from all media types on the main profile.  The way I read it is that for combos, you put the information from the "dominant" media type in the main profile and that's it.  And then if you want the information from the "lesser" media type, you can add a child profile.  Isn't that what it says?

It may be up for interpretation, but I would consider a "normal profile" includes all pertinent information pertaining to the release.  The main profile is cataloged by the UPC/EAN unless, that is, the release doesn't have a UPC/EAN and the UPC/EAN is for the entire package not just a specific media type or individual disc.  Therefore, from my view, the "normal profile" should include the pertinent information, which would include all features in said package, for the release or package.  The "normal profile" already includes information pertinent to the entire package which isn't format specific; e.g. media types (DVD, BD, UHD), digital copy, disc information, release date, SRP, etc.  Remember that the other media types are optional so not everyone may use those profiles for combo sets.

It's also more convoluted since the studios don't put all features on all media types.  But what about multiple discs of the same media type; one BD with the main feature along with special features and a second BD with additional special features?  In this case, would you suggest that all special features spanning across multiple discs of the same media type would be cataloged in the main profile?  If so, why would the same not apply if the features span different media types?

Now, I wish DVD Profiler was designed differently to better catalog the features information and to catalog/view the individual discs differently.  To me, the way we currently profile individual discs is due to a current design limitation and is not optimal.

For me, I would like to be able to catalog/list each feature with it's associated run time and to a specific disc.  However, I'd like for all of that info to be contained within the main profile and not separate disc profiles.  I'd also like to be able to list the individual run times for each episode of a TV series.
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Quoting The Movieman:
So, I'm a bit confused. Is there anything in the rules about something like a 4K/BD combo pack (or before BD/DVD)? If the 4K has no bonus features while the Blu-ray does, does that mean the parent profile should be blank or should it include the features on the Blu-ray disc as well?

UHD BD is still BD, but just considered profile 6 by the BDA.
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Quoting Mark Harrison:
Quoting DJ Doena:
There's no Mac version. The information on that website is incorrect.

Incorrect?  It's true that there isn't a Mac version.  But it runs fine in Windows emulators.  I use Parallels on my Mac and have no issues running the program.  That said, I'd very much prefer a native Mac application, but at least there are options.  I also don't suspect we'll ever see a Mac version unless a third-party takes that project on.  I'd love to be wrong, but that's my guess.

There's a slight possibility if Ken upgrades to a newer version on Delphi which supports cross-platform.
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The double dagger (‡) has also been used in overviews.
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I would say yes, because this is an animated film.  Although performance capture was used for a small portion of the film the end result was an animated product.
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This is an 8 year old thread... 
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Did you create your custom media types in the beta or an older, offical release (3.9.1)?
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I'm surprised this thread hasn't generated more discussion.
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Here's the full list which is posted in the beta release testing forum:

Quoting Ken Cole:
The next beta build of version 3.9.5 is now available to play with, or (if you're of a mind) to help test.

- Contributions are disabled for this release
- This version makes significant database structure changes.  It is strongly recommended that you back up your collection before running, and also run a database repair.
- Please wait to submit reports and layouts designed with this version, but in the mean time you can share them via the beta forum if you like.

The beta may be downloaded from the downloads link above.

- Thumbnail view now supports several configurable badges, to show things like reviews, watched/not watched, rating, etc. Access this via Collection->Thumbnail Settings.
- New "Favorite" tags system. Favorite tags can be shown in a compact, configurable view. Right-click the tag list for details.
- New Global Replace feature for cast/crew, via the DVD->Edit interface (Hold CTRL to access)
- New intelligent analyzer for profile updates examines the changes as they would apply to your collection, and optionally skips those with no effective changes
- New configurable Calendar View can be shown above the collection view, on a collection type basis. Works well for the Wish List.
- Profile updates now allow accepting individual name changes which would normally be skipped, such as birth year removal, name division, or name case
- In Add by Title listing, added new option via right-click to Copy DVD, to support copying information from an online profile without adding it to the collection
- Added option in the title filter 'Don't filter box set contents'. This allows finding child profiles by entering the title of the box set.
- Added support for 4K Ultra HD, and combos
- Added feature options for D-Box, CineChat
- Added support for new audio formats, Dolby Atmos, DTS-X, and Auro-3D
- Gifts are now optionally included in the purchase place chart
- Now can optionally add multiple Watched By entries for the same profile, user and date
- When episode dividers are removed in cast or crew, the contents of that episode are now optionally removed, retained, or moved
- Added support for currencies: Hungarian Forint, Polish Zloty
- Reports now support custom page sizes, in both portrait and landscape orientations
- Report settings now support inches and millimeters (Tools->Options->System to change)
- Reports now support optional page breaks, based on the current sort
- Reports have a new condition that operates on primary genre only
- File->Open Database has a new option to reconnect databases that have been moved
- Added diagnostic startup option to reset online profile list for ease of resolving an interrupted or damaged profile list file
- Add by Title, manual entry now shows a selectable indicator when there are existing matching titles in your collection
- The OK button on the profile update comparison window can be set to OK, Next
- When refreshing and checking for box set children, added a Yes to All option
- When box set children are automatically moved to owned or ordered along with their parent, they now inherit the parent's purchase date and place

Bug Fixes
- Fixed: Tracker finds incorrect matches after an item is replaced, and another added.
- Fixed: Sort menu from top of list doesn't show director and COO
- Fixed: Variant IDs outside US locality can cause errors in Change UPC
- Fixed: The UPC field allows paste of unsupported characters
- Fixed: Unrepairable errors occur when the internal plugin fields are damaged
- Fixed: Custom crew roles create duplicate entries during profile update in some cases
- Fixed: On Windows 10, mousewheel scrolling while editing a profile can result in overwriting the wrong record.
- Fixed: CollectionGallery plugin shows debug messages
- Fixed: When a custom media type is available but not selected, the image can show an incorrect banner after a profile change is saved.
- Fixed: Exclude from Movie Pick non functional
- Fixed: When using non-default IP choice, wrong IP is shown via the synchronize with DVD Profiler Mobile window
- Fixed: XML export does not properly encode certain characters, resulting in invalid XML
- Fixed: Moving to a collection category that doesn't use purchase date causes can't focus error, shows incorrect controls
- Fixed: Edit collection categories leaves option checkboxes enabled when nothing selected
- Fixed: Prompts for repair after closing as a result of windows shutting down
- Fixed: DVD->Move To controls incorrectly placed in some cases
- Fixed: Error message regarding unable to save tempnote.html
- Fixed: Everything else that was broken. OK, maybe not everything.

Changes in Build 1723:
- Favorite tag setting not backed up/restored
- Added Play All and MovieIQ to Features
- Nested group dividers (2 levels)
- Added cast checkbox for Puppeteer
- Added option (via right-click on genre lock) to disable auto-lock of genres in DVD->Edit
- Fixed: Metacritic badges not displaying in some cases
- Added option in cast/crew global replace to create a Credited As for affected entries
- Regardless of that choice, the Credited As is now cleared if the new name matches the Credited As
- Autopopulate contribution notes with cast/crew source if available
- Added Czech Koruna, Vietnam Dong, Estonia Kroon, Romania Leu, Slovakia Koruna currency types
- Fixed: new audio formats available under DVD, HD DVD
- Thumbnail badges can now be enabled for specific collection categories
- Fixed: Inaccurate results removing episodes
- Fixed: Access violation setting Do not filter box set childred option

Updated to build 1724 with the following changes:
- Fixed access violation filtering with the Do Not Filter Box Set Contents option enabled (for really real this time)

Updated to build 1726 with the following changes:
- Cast/crew with nested groups now show both parent group and grandparent group in the cast/crew info window
- 4K Ultra HD (and corresponding combos) now added to media charts
- Removed debug numbers in the main crew display
- Fixed: Moving from a custom collection category to owned/ordered does not show proper fields in the Personalize window
- Fixed: Version error syncing with Android app version 2.0

Updated to build 1734 with the following changes:
- Fixed: Incorrect display when adding by disc ID and unchecking Download from Invelos
- Fixed: Pasting cast via DVD->Edit clears clipboard
- Fixed: In certain cases, program main window size was not properly restored on launch
- Possible fix for intermittent banner issue
- Plugin interface updated for 3.9.5 changes

Updated to build 1736 with the following changes:
- Fixed: Errors when selecting View->HTML Windows->Edit.
- Fixed: Errors with certain calls from prior versions of plugins
- Possible fix for intermittent banner issue

Updated to build 1738 with the following changes:
- Fixed: Error with certain legacy plugins
- Fixed: Some new features not showing in HTML windows
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Absolutely, go to Tools -> Edit Media Types from the menu bar.  Make sure the "Use default banners" checkbox is unchecked for each media type and that the front and back banners are set to "none".
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Quoting ken.barrett:
Ok Invelos, its time to fix this.
Reverting Operating Systems is not fixing the issue, therefore not a valid suggestion.
You have the logs and information. We need this fixed.

Unfortunately, I don't see Invelos expending any effort to fix this at the moment given this is a Windows preview build and not an official release build.  It's quite likely MS broke something and it will be fixed in a future release.  The same could be said for the DVDProfiler beta releases...
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Quoting CubbyUps:
What about cases where the DVD of the film has all the extras and the bluray is barebones?

Bulletproof Monk combo pack is set up that way.
If you exclude the DVD from the combo pack the main profile is basically barebones. The DVD child has many extras from featurettes to commentary.

Also, what about cases where the movie is on one Blu-ray disc and the extras on a second Blu-ray disc?

I believe the way the current profiles have been treated are the extras are listed for what comes in the complete package.  Even then, the features section is somewhat limiting as I wish we could profile information down to the individual feature.

Unfortunately, a single profile is limited for certain items hence why I believe child profiles were allowed for bonus media.  On the other hand, a lot of information is also duplicative across multiple profiles.
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Quoting Mike:
Quoting rdodolak:
Mike, what do you mean by "a way to do this... to find the disc id"?  Are you referring to a way to get the UHD disc ID in order to create separate main profiles?

yes thats what I mean, If I were to take the challenge locally and make child profiles for all the dvd and bluray combos i.e. treat every title like a box set I have no way of retreaving all the disc ids from the physical discs becouse I dont have a bluray or 4k player on my laptop.

I don't think DVDProfiler has a built-in way to be able to do that without having a drive to retrieve them from the physical discs.
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I agree with TheMadMartian.  I'm interested in the main media type and don't profile the "bonus" media type.  If these were treated like box sets then, in my case, DVDProfiler would become completely useless as I wouldn't want to have to create main profiles for every release I have; it would simply defeat the purpose of a communal database.  With that said, I wouldn't mind if the main profile had a way to accommodate all of the information of the secondary media (a.k.a "discs") within the main profile, but I don't like the individual "child" profiles for this instance.

Quoting Mike:
I completely agree with Cubby, is there a way to do this locally without a 4k laptop to find the disc id? At this point on my own it would be a massive project I think.

I also agree with themadmartian this was my second choice I only care about the bluray or 4k uhd the rest is nonesense to me, however on occasion I loan out the dvd portion and using martians idea I cant use that for history or loan purposes. Also on occasion I watch the bluray child of the 4k downstairs with the wife and doing so wont be able to use the history either.

Cubby's idea seems the most logical but alot of work

Mike, what do you mean by "a way to do this... to find the disc id"?  Are you referring to a way to get the UHD disc ID in order to create separate main profiles?
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It appears the complete series is simply a repackage of the individual season sets.

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Quoting Katatonia:
Arrow Video do not actually distribute their "US" releases, that is handled exclusively by MVD Entertainment Group. I think Arrow may indeed distribute their own "UK" releases however.

Criterion are currently distributed by SPHE in both the US and UK. They extended a multi-year distribution contract back in 2015. Before then Criterion were distributed by Image Entertainment.

Very good point regarding the Arrow US distribution.  I was thinking of the UK when I wrote my post ad overlooked the US.  Thanks Katatonia.
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Quoting huskersports:
This cannot be real! Where is this?

It's not. Washington, DC.


EDIT:  Looks like this post was hit with the DST bug. 
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For combo packs, the main profile contains the details for the main media type, therefore an optional child profile is allowed to capture the details for the secondary media type(s).  A child profile for the main media type in this case would be redundant and not everyone uses the child profiles.

Sets containing the same film on multiple media types (such as a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack) are to be entered as a normal profile for the main media type (Blu-ray in this example), with all included media types checked. A combo which includes HD media (HD-DVD, Blu-ray) as well as DVD should use the details from the HD media in the main profile. However, you may add an additional profile by Disc ID for the DVD content and add this profile to the Box Set contents for the Blu-ray profile.
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I've seen different views on media companies, in various contributions, enough times over the years that I think it warrants a discussion on how others perceive how media companies should be listed when a company fills more than one role.

Here is a excerpt of the current rules to assist with the discussion:

The company(ies) responsible for the publishing (creating, assembling and ordering of the DVD/HD/BD content) and/or physical distribution of the media.

Enter in the following order:

Publisher (Content) - Usually found as a logo on the bottom of the back cover or in the credit block, often containing the words "home video" or "home entertainment. Secondary publishers (eg. The Criterion Collection's Eclipse label) may also be listed.
Licensor (Home Video Rights) - Usually found (dated with the year of the DVD release) on the back of the box or in the credit block with words words regarding "under license from...".
Distributor - Usually found as a logo on the bottom of the back cover or in the credit block with words regarding distribution.

Based on the above, as I see it, companies such as Twilight Time, Arrow Video, Criterion, etc. could be both the Publisher and the Distributor.

1) Do others agree that companies, such as those mentioned above, can fill both roles?
2) If the answer is yes, then would these companies be listed first (as a publisher), before the licensor, rather than last (as the distributor)?
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Quoting Merrik:
So, it's a subsidiary of Shout! Factory, it's not it's own company, it's a label that Shout! Factory uses, but does that disqualify it? Does Eclipse from Criterion have it's own website? It's own corporate charter, offices? Legitimately asking because I don't know... everything I'm looking up for Eclipse is literally coming from Criterion websites and listed everywhere as simply a brand from Criterion, but we use that.

Since the rules allow for secondary publishers such as Criterion's Eclipse label I'd say, yes, Scream Factory should be allowed.

Secondary publishers (e.g. The Criterion Collection's Eclipse label) may also be listed.

In this case, Scream Factory would be the publisher and Shout Factory the distributor.
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